Devyn DeLoera Busy With New Single, Video & Benefit Show

Devyn DeLoera

More The Voice artist updates: Season 3’s Devyn DeLoera – the member of Team Christina who famously earned her spot by impressing her coach with a rendition of Christina’s own song “Ain’t No Other Man” – has released her new single, “Paralyzed,” on the heels of a recent music video with Ready Revolution.

You can download “Paralyzed” on iTunes here.

In early February, Devyn was also the featured artist in the Ready Revolution video “Don’t Forget About Me,” which you can watch below.

Next month, Devyn will be performing at Hollywood’s Boulevard 3. Tickets for her Friday, April 26 show are available here.  Doors open at 7 PM and the show begins at 8 PM. The set is part of “Rock Now for Autism,” a benefit event for Generation Rescue sponsored by Los Angeles Magazine. Also participating is another Voice Season 3 artist, Team Blake’s Charlie Rey.

During Season 3 of The Voice, Devyn spoke with Big Red Chairs about the experience of working with Aguilera, who inspired her to consider singing in the first place. ““I didn’t expect her to be as invested as she is,” she said in the October interview. She would be emailing and all of these things to us. She’s always writing back right away. I didn’t expect her to care that much – she’s going above and beyond.”

For more information on Devyn, you can follow her on Twitter (@DevynDeLoera). For more on The Voice, visit Big Red Chairs.

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Countdown to ‘The Voice’ Season 4: What Have You Missed?

The Voice - Season 3We’re just shy of a month from a brand-new season of NBC’s The Voice, and only about two months removed from America crowning Team Blake’s Cassadee Pope the winner of the show’s third cycle. What’s been happening with the show and its artists since Cassadee won the title?

As has been heavily publicized, Season 4 will be the first with new coaches Shakira and Usher, who were introduced in the fall. You can read some of their early thoughts on joining The Voice here. This may also be the only season for the new arrivals, as previous coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green – who are on a break this time around – have expressed interest in returning for Season 5 this fall. However, it’s worth noting that nothing has been finalized yet beyond Season 4.

The guest mentors this year will be Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum (Team Adam), Sheryl Crow (Team Blake), Joel Madden (Team Shakira) and Pharrell Williams (Team Usher).

Season 3 winner Cassadee Pope officially signed her recording deal with Universal and has been hard at work writing and recording ever since, according to her Facebook. Universal released a CD version of her Voice performances here. Cassadee posted a video update on her progress here.

Runner-up Terry McDermott hasn’t slowed down since leaving the show, either. In fact, he recently released a new single “Pictures” via SoundCloud, which he co-wrote with Dave Burman. His performance of “Baby, I Love Your Way” with Peter Frampton from the Voice finale was retroactively released on iTunes here.

Here’s a short list of major developments with other Voice artists, past and present.

Team Adam: Season 3’s Amanda Brown appears on the soundtrack to the recent Universal release Identity Thief, starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. Her teammate Bryan Keith brought some new music to his live show at the Gramercy Theater; you can watch the video here. Season 2’s Pip released his EP No Formalities; you can get it here. Tony Lucca is hard at work on his new album, and performing some new originals on the road, like “Reckless Love.” Kim Yarbrough is preparing for the release of her single “Brand New Day” (here’s a teaser video), guested on CBS’s Vegas, appears in the March 6 episode of TNT’s Southland, and her Nickelodeon project has been ordered to series. Katrina Parker is working on new music of her own after the successful funding of her Kickstarter project. Season 1’s Tim Mahoney released his next CD, Shine Through, which includes his Voice-related tune “Hey Adam Levine.” Casey Weston has a new album on the way; you can pre-order it here and stay tuned for an upcoming interview.

Team Blake: Season 3’s Suzanna Choffel released her new single “Guardians.” Season 2’s winner, Jermaine Paul, postponed the release of his post-show album Finally until sometime later this year; you can pre-order it at Amazon, although there’s no specific street date listed there. Season 2 alum Jordis Unga is in the home stretch of putting together her new album, and also won a Grammy this year for her work on Jimmy Cliff’s Rebirth, which took the trophy for Best Reggae Album. Erin Willett has recently posted a new cover.

Team Cee Lo: Season 3’s MacKenzie Bourg has dropped his debut single. Season 1’s Nakia is releasing his next EP, Drown In The Crimson Tide, and is playing a few tour dates in his home state of Texas. His battle round partner Tje Austin put out his new CD, Dreamin’ Big. Also, Paste Magazine wants to help you make your own Cee Lo Green.

Team Christina: Season 3’s Devyn DeLoera released a music video with Ready Revolution that you can find here, along with several covers on her Facebook page. She has new music coming your way on March 4. The busiest Voice alum by far is Season 2’s Chris Mann, who recently taped Chris Mann in Concert for PBS to be aired in March. Also next month, Chris will be announcing tour dates, one of which is New York’s Highline Ballroom. Lindsey Pavao put out her new single “No Revelation.” Moses Stone released new music; you can find “Beautiful Nightmare” here.

Season 4 of The Voice begins March 25. For the latest on all things related to NBC’s hit singing competition, you can visit Big Red Chairs.

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Artist Interview: Meet Team Christina’s Devyn DeLoera

Team Christina’s Devyn DeLoera has established herself as something of a fan favorite in Season 3 of The Voice. Devyn is one of the artists who interacts the most with Voice fans and fellow artists, whether it’s on Twitter or by hosting a spontaneous UStream chat, and fans have embraced her outgoing personality.

Why does everyone love Devyn? Perhaps it’s because she was a fan of the show before she ever stepped on the stage, and remains one to this day. “I definitely have been a fan of the show and have favorites from the other seasons,” she said. “Last season, I loved Lindsey Pavao. She was like my favorite from the beginning. I also really liked Jamar [Rogers] from the beginning, and Cheesa…I started to really like Ashley [de la Rosa], there were so many!”

When it comes to this season, “I’m probably a fan of everyone,” she continued, but dropped one name in particular: “I always listen with my sister to Trevin Hunte’s blind audition!”

Now that it’s her turn to be part of The Voice, Devyn’s living out the ultimate performer’s dream – in joining Christina Aguilera‘s team, she’s working one-to-one with the artist who inspired her to sing in the first place. She got there by having the courage to sing one of Christina’s own songs, “Ain’t No Other Man,” for her blind audition. What was going through her mind when she made that decision?

“I was really excited becase she would obviously know the song. It would make an impression on her, it would hit her,” she explained. “I was willing to take a chance.”

There’s no doubt that chance paid off and Devyn is thrilled to be a part of Team Christina. “I thought it would be easy to handle [working with her] and it’s definitely not. I get really nervous,” she admitted with a laugh. “In my opinion, she’s the best singer in the world right now. To me, this is like somebody [I] wouldn’t ever meet, too far up for me to ever know, and she knows me.

“I didn’t expect her to be as invested as she is. She would be emailing and all of these things to us. She’s always writing back right away. I didn’t expect her to care that much – she’s going above and beyond.”

Being coached by Christina has also changed her perspective on Christina’s music. “I listen to her songs differently,” she said. “There were a lot of things I didn’t know about her. I didn’t know her life story or anything until I [was] working with her. I know more about her story, her as a person, [and] they mean more.”

Finding the meaning of a song is something that she’s worked on recently. “I would call myself probably like a karaoke singer before this. I would just sing songs; I didn’t try and figure out what they meant to me,” she said, adding that now “I try and find that special message in the song that affects me, that I can relate to,” she explained. “‘Ain’t No Other Man’ was kind of hard [because] I don’t have a man. ‘Free Your Mind,’ I definitely tried to relate that to me personally.”

Collaborating with her inspiration is just one of the many things that’s taken Devyn by surprise since she joined The Voice. “Even the fact that I made it to the blind auditions, at that point I was like ‘I don’t even know how I got here.’ We’re all very hard on ourselves because we see every little thing that’s wrong,” she said. “Also, to win my battle round, because I was honestly up against some really fierce competition [in MarissaAnn]. It really could have gone either way. It was a really pleasant surprise to win.”

Although she already knows whether or not she survives the knockout rounds, which were pre-taped earlier this summer, Devyn has already set goals for life beyond the show. “I would love to maybe get some recognition from other labels if [I] don’t win,” she said. “I would love to continue doing something in this industry. I love to sing; it’s my first passion for sure.

“I would love to even maybe start writing my own stuff,” she added. “On this show, you get all the exposure. but I don’t think you get to show your true artistry until you’re off of the show and not doing cover songs.”

With her great personality and willingness to learn, not to mention her power to belt, she’s got a lot to show the world – and she wants you to know that she’s no overnight sensation. “I’ve been working at this for a long time,” Devyn explained. “I think a lot of people think that I just get things handed to me. I did get a random lucky chance but  I feel like it’s because of all the hard work I’ve done before this. I’ve been working at this for many years and nothing has come out of it. It’s worth it now.”

You can keep up with Devyn on Twitter (@DevynDeLoera) and see if she makes it through to the live rounds as Team Christina takes the stage tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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Interviews: A Few Minutes with Season 3’s Terry McDermott, Devyn DeLoera, Bryan Keith, Daniel Rosa and Joe Kirkland

You know that they can sing – but who are these artists who make up the new class of The Voice? I recently talked with some the first performers to make it through blind auditions: Terry McDermott (Team Blake), Devyn DeLoera (Team Christina), Bryan Keith (Team Adam), Daniel Rosa (Team Cee Lo) and Joe Kirkland (Team Adam). Here’s a little more from each of them.

“The flight home was actually going through my mind,” admitted Terry (@TerryMacMusic), who was the first artist to make a team in Season 3, but it came down to the wire. “I think you kind of see it on the television I go for the last note on the track and I look up,  and at that point the last thing I’ve seen is that there are no chairs turned around. I’m like ‘Oh well, that’s it then. Free flight home leaving tomorrow.’ I finished the note and I looked down and there’s three chairs turned around. I’m like ‘Okay, I’ll just put the bags on hold then!'”

As for why he chose to join Team Blake? Chalk that up to “Blake’s approach – he’s very supportive and he’s very hands-on. I got that impression from watching the previous season. There’s a very encouraging atmosphere when he’s working with his artists, a very positive, nurturing sense. That really carried over with me. I wanted to embrace that, I wanted to grab that if I could.”

With a laugh, he added, “Plus my wife’s an enormous country music fan and has worked on converting me, so she would have been mad at me if I hadn’t gone with Blake!”

Speaking of fans, Devyn (@DevynDeLoera) spoke of how her coach, Christina Aguilera, was an influence on her and how she reflected that influence in her choice to perform Christina’s “Ain’t No Other Man” in her blind audition. “Christina has inspired me,” she explained. “She’s a very strong woman and she stands up for what she believes in. She’s a strong vocalist. And I think she’s a very admirable celebrity because she keeps her personal life personal and she does her business. That was really inspiring. I’ve always looked up to her since I was a little kid.

“And that’s a song off of my favorite album of hers. I chose that song because I figured she would either love me or hate me, but I was willing to take the risk in case she loved me.” Now that Devyn is a pround member of Team Christina, we know the answer to that question.

“I was watching the show and I was like ‘I don’t even remember half the things that happened,’ confessed Daniel (@DanielRosaMusic), who made The Voice history by being the first artist to be turned down in one season, then come back and make it to the blind auditions a second time. This time, he was luckier and made Team Cee Lo. Asked what he was thinking when he saw chairs turn around, he said “I completely forgot what I was singing at that point. After that, it was just memories from then on.”

He reiterated a point he made on the show Monday, which is that he has no hard feelings from his experience before – in fact, he saw it as something positive and took the coaches’ constructive criticism to heart. “The greatest thing that ever could have happened to me was to not make it on the show last season,” he explained. “I know that last season helped me so much to get here. I feel like a completely different person from last season, so I think that’s really going to help me through.” Would that we all could take rejection as well as Daniel did.

Having also faced rough times with his band, Artist vs. Poet, Team Adam’s Joe (@joekavp) agreed that sometimes the negative can become a blessing in disguise. “The industry is extremely, extremely cutthroat,” he said, “and it was honestly a very difficult time just because we honestly were given  everything. We were a favorite on the label, and once everything went down it was just like ‘Who are you again?’ It literally went from love to like nothing.

“It’s extremely, extremely ruthless, but being told no is probably the best thing that can happen to someone in their career, because it straightens you up and it makes you figure out what you need to do. That’s what happened to us and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

He also explained why he chose Adam as his coach: “I know a lot about his history; he actually used to not be a front man, and I kind of really enjoyed the thought of him helping me figure out how to exactly be that front man. He comes from the same music-style background that I do. I felt like he’s the one who could teach me the most, so it honestly seemed like a perfect fit.”

Joe’s teammate on Team Adam is Bryan Keith (@BryanPeeps), who was the first Season 3 artist to have all four coaches want him on their team. Of having the entire panel vying for his talent, he said, “I kept picturing it to happen that way and it happened that way. It felt like a dream really coming true  right in front of me. Watching it with my family and friends just really put things into perspective and made me feel like I reached my goal.

“We knew what we were getting ourselves into by joining the show. And we started to just realize that this is like us leaving our mark; this is our chance to go out there, and this could be our last shot and we would just go for it.”

It was Joe who reaffirmed a sentiment many, many artists have spoken when it comes to The Voice: that this isn’t like any other singing competition before or since. “I checked it out and I noticed that the show was more unique than any of the shows I’d seen because it actually kind of held true to us as artists; it didn’t really try to make us seem any different than what we really are,” he explained, “like they were very open to the fact that I was in a band and I was trying to lead that band, and they didn’t try and just make me who they thought I could be. [We’re] all unique individual artists, and The Voice promotes that instead of tries to hide it.”

Stay tuned to see how Terry, Devyn, Daniel, Bryan and Joe develop on their respective teams – and find out who joins them when we resume Season 3 blind auditions next Monday, September 17 at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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