Tony Lucca Returns With ‘Drawing Board’ EP

Drawing Board EDIT

Less than a year after making a splash with his With The Whole World Watching EP, Tony Lucca is back with a new acoustic record, Drawing Board.

The five-song EP features the title track as well as the songs “All My Friends,” “Nashville,” “Los Angeles (In The Rear View)” and “My Love.” For those of you who somehow still haven’t heard him outside of Season 2 of The Voice, the album is typical Tony Lucca material: soulful, simple music that’s honest and without an ounce of pretention. Especially when listened to in conjunction with Whole World WatchingDrawing Board gives a sense of how much a true craftsman Lucca is. He puts together beautiful, meaningful music with just a guitar, hard work, and a whole lot of heart.

The record is reminiscent of Lucca’s Voice colleague and one-time tour partner Justin Hopkins’ 2012 acoustic release This Could Happen Anywhere, in that the decision to go acoustic allows the listener to even better appreciate the purity of Lucca’s vocals. Always perfectly understandable and heartfelt, he’s got one of the best voices in the music business.

Lucca is currently on the road playing select dates with Honor by August, and remains at work on a full-length album that will be his first release under his deal with Voice coach Adam Levine’s 222 Records. Last fall, he co-headlined the ‘Keys, Strings and Band of Kings’ tour with Brendan James, and also performed at halftime during the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day game in his native Detroit. We checked in with him during a West Coast tour stop in October; that interview can be found here.

You can download Drawing Board now on iTunes. For more on Tony Lucca, visit his website ( and follow him on Twitter (@luccadoes).

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Artist Update: Katrina Parker

katrinaKatrina Parker is ready to spread her wings and fly. After making it to the semifinals of season two of The Voice, the soulful singer took the next year-plus to craft the perfect follow-up. Now that extra deliberation is on the verge of paying off, as she’s preparing for the release of her new album, In and Out of the Dark. Katrina recently took some time to sit down with BFTV to dish on the upcoming record, and what she’s learned about herself since she surprised America.

“I really took my time with this record. I spent months writing it, and then I spent months funding it, and picking out the right producers and the right kind of musical aesthetic,” she explained. “But I don’t feel pressure. More than anything I want it to be amazing. And I really do kind of want to step out from [the show]. As much as I love The Voice, this is the next part of my career.”

It’s been a long process from creating music to record release for Katrina, who launched a successful Kickstarter at the beginning of the year before heading into the studio. She called the whole experience “really surreal. We did the fan funding back in January; it got fully funded in mid February. We had a lot of pre-production. It was a lot of chasing schedules and coordinating. We spent a lot of time thinking about what we wanted to do on the songs. And then we crammed all the recording into like one or two months. But it’s been really incredible. It became clear to me that everything I wanted to communicate is on this record.”

What can fans expect from the album? “There’s going to be a lot of variety on it,” she revealed. “There’s going to be some radio-friendly singles. There’s going to be some ballads, of course. And there’s going to be a couple of indie rock tunes. But I think the thing that’s going to hold it all together is going to be the fact that it’s me, and my heart is in each and every song.”

“I think one thing that you maybe didn’t see on The Voice is that my music has a more powerful aesthetic,” she explained. “What you didn’t get to see is me being really powerful, and i think you get a lot of that on this record. i’m a tougher, stronger, more powerful person. I think it’s a natural next step.”

Part of that newfound strength comes from Katrina’s experience on The Voice, where she emerged as a surprise contender and made it through to the semifinals before coach Adam Levine opted to move forward with eventual third-place finisher Tony Lucca instead of her.  While some fans are still up in arms about her dismissal, she reiterated that she has no hard feelings toward her coach or anyone else involved with the series.

“The show changed my life. It’s made it possible for me to do music as a career,” she reflected, adding that she doesn’t feel any need to return, as other artists have done in the past. “I don’t think I need to go back onto that stage. I love The Voice and I feel like they already did so much for me. My to-do list is more about moving forward.”

That includes taking responsibility for steering her career now that The Voice is well in the past. Katrina knows that reality TV doesn’t create overnight superstars, and there’s only so long you can ride the wave of national attention before you have to stand on your own. She told us, “You have to work hard, you have to be scrappy, and you have to get as much out of the experience as you can, whether you were Top 48 or Top 8.”

Now Katrina is focusing on the launch of her new album. This past weekend she joined fellow Team Adam alumnus Judith Hill for a concert at Universal CityWalk Hollywood’s 5 Towers. There’s a CD release party scheduled at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and she’s hoping to tour, provided that the logistics can be worked out. She knows that this is a big moment for her, one that can change the course of her career again, and she’s intent on not wasting it.

“I think the biggest goal for myself is to really get as much out of it as I can,” she said. “I really do want to pitch a lot of it to film and TV. The success will be if in six months I’ll still doing music full time and I’m still promoting this record because it has legs. Then I’ll know that for me it was a success.

“I have very high hopes for it. I am happy with it,” she continued. “This was clearly in my control. I worked with the people I wanted to work with. I did what I wanted to do.”

Katrina Parker’s album In and Out of the Dark releases on September 10; it can be pre-ordered through iTunes here. You can also keep up with Katrina by visiting her website ( or following her on Twitter (@katrinapmusic).

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The Season 5 Advisors Are Happening

You know it’s close to a new season when NBC starts systematically leaking the identities of the new Voice advisors. First it was Ed Sheeran joining Team Christina, and now it’s been announced that Adam Levine has signed on OneRepublic frontman and uber-producer Ryan Tedder.

This pick shouldn’t surprise anyone: they’ve been friends and collaborators for awhile (most recently on the Maroon 5 tracks “Love Somebody” and “Lucky Strike”), plus Tedder is as close to a Voice frequent flyer as it gets. He first appeared during Season 1, where he performed “Good Life” with Beverly McClellan, and this past season he teamed with Michelle Chamuel on “Counting Stars.” Welcome back, Ryan!

It’s also a busy day for Adam, as media reports say he and his close friend, writer Gene Hong (Community) are developing an autobiographical comedy based on their relationship to NBC, as part of the producing deal Adam struck with them awhile back. It’s the second time they’ve tried to put together a show for the network, after trying to launch a karaoke bar sitcom back in 2011.

The Voice

ETA: It’s now been revealed that Miguel is joining Team Cee Lo. So who’s on Team Blake this season? Hmm.

Artist Update: Nathan Parrett

Nathan ParrettIt’s been two years since Nathan Parrett found a national audience on The Voice, and it’s time to move on. At least, the talented singer-performer has, landing a leading role in the upcoming Los Angeles production of the rock musical Bare. Nathan recently checked in with BFTV to chat about the play, and candidly reflect on his time as part of a TV phenomenon.

“It’s a really, really important show and we have an amazing cast,” Nathan said of the Bare revival, which also includes Payson Lewis (The Sing-Off), Jonah Platt (The Office), Lindsay Pearce (Glee, The Glee Project),  Katie Stevens (MTV’s upcoming Faking It), and a host of other talented young artists. “The play is based in a Catholic boarding school setting, and there are two main guys that happen to be in love with each other. I happen to be sort of straight guy number one; I’m playing Matt [and] Matt essentially outs them. It’s been a different experience, and I’m really excited about it.”

The production marks the first time Bare has returned to Los Angeles since it originated there thirteen years ago. It’s also particularly poignant as co-writer Damon Intrabartolo passed away on August 13. The Los Angeles run will be dedicated in his memory.

This isn’t the first time Nathan has taken to the stage recently; he additionally participated in a limited engagement of Spring Awakening and was part of theatre well before he was on The Voice. Acting is as large a part of his life as music. “I’m just a lover of the arts,” he reflected. “And the feeling that I get from being on stage, doing these musical theater shows, it’s right up there with being on stage singing my own material. It’s just another art form that I really enjoy. And it’s really how I started. I would never have had the guts to get up and sing alone if I hadn’t been involved in theater.”

You can check out the trailer for Bare below. The musical runs from September 6 to September 22.

Nathan also continues to further himself as a musical artist. Late last week, he and his fellow Voice teammate Pip released another YouTube video, this one seizing on the popular comparisons between Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.” The fun, playful clip takes the contest a step further, with Pip and Nathan trying to one-up each other for the audience’s attention. It does well by the original songs and then some, with a charm all its own.

Although many of his fellow competitors have put out fresh material since the show, Nathan is taking his time and exploring a new aspect of creating music. “I’m writing a lot of sort of folky singer-songwriter, a little bit heavier, moodier stuff. I’m just writing and writing,” he explained. “Songwriting hasn’t always been part of my life; I grew up writing a lot of poetry. But now, for me, it’s about writing a hundred songs and one of them being a gem. I’m getting my footing as a songwriter, and kind of seeking producers. I need to start bringing these songs to fruition. I’m thinking over the next quarter of this year, I’ll be putting out some of my originals.”

View the “Roar” versus “Brave” matchup below.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Nathan’s story post-national headlines, though, is the personal journey he’s undertaken. While by no means ungrateful for the brief period he spent on a top-rated TV show, he’s also been brutally honest about how the experience did not match what he thought it would be. He’s not afraid to admit his own culpability in that, either.

“I think that there was a part of me, because of what I saw happening before my eyes, with sort of this limit in exposure and what I thought was going to happen to me with The Voice, as soon as I saw the situation slipping from my grip I feel like I kind of went a little crazy,” he confessed. “I was really disappointed about the outcome, and I sort of felt a little bit out of control. I think that it drove me a little nuts for awhile. I’m really thankful to [have] kind of chilled out.”

The Voice happened and I’ve realized maybe how small my role was in that, and instead of dwelling on it it’s kind of on to the next,” he continued. “That really was my moment there. Whatever it was I have to take it and use it and move on. I have to allow somebody else to have their moment. I lived that experience, no matter how small or big it was. Don’t dwell in the past.”

That unflinching honesty has earned Nathan some negative attention, as he admitted that he’s taken some flak from Voice fans for his comments. “I have to a small degree,” he said. “Right after I got kicked off [the show], there was one incident where I was kind of a little too honest about one of the contestants, and I kind of got [stuff] about that.”

“I’m consistent when it comes to being honest and I guess maybe sometimes [to] a fault,” he continued. “I just don’t have any reason to sugarcoat anything, I guess. I think that people in the public will appreciate honesty over a facade any day and they’ll see through a facade any day.”

The comments perfectly encapsulate what makes him a unique voice in a crowded landscape of aspiring artists. While America may not have found the next big music superstar in Nathan Parrett, what we did uncover was someone with the courage of his convictions, ready to speak his truth even if it wasn’t necessarily what we wanted to hear. He wasn’t afraid to put his hand up and say that certain things weren’t everything they were cracked up to be, regardless of if that made him the bad guy. Count him as one of the rare people who stands behind what he says.

Yet Nathan has always quantified those statements by pointing out that they are exclusive to his experience. He’s happy for the friends and colleagues who found greater success on The Voice than he did. And now that reality TV is far behind him, hindsight has made him able to admit that he’s an artist so passionate that sometimes it gets the better of him, and say that he’s going to look forward, not behind.

“I am at peace with where I am,” Nathan reflected. “I always have a goal in sight. I will always have a goal in sight. That doesn’t mean I’ll never be content. I’m very happy with my life. I love the people around me and I love singing, no matter what scale. This last year I’ve really found happiness in the small things. I have big, big goals, but I’m going to be happy regardless.”

Bare opens on September 6 at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles; you can get your tickets now by clicking here. You can also keep up with Nathan by following him on Twitter (@parrettnathan).

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Artist Update: Tony Lucca

The Voice - Season 4

You can’t keep a good man off the stage. Tony Lucca is currently in the middle of his second headlining tour in two years, enjoying the release of his fantastic new EP, and opening for Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson on select dates of the Honda Civic Tour. That busy schedule hasn’t changed that Tony is still one of the coolest guys in the music business. BFTV snagged a few minutes with him on Saturday to chat about the ‘With The Whole World Watching’ tour.

“It’s always good to get back out with new tunes,” he told us. “Last fall we went out, and being that I basically went the whole year last year without recording, I didn’t have anything new except songs from [The Voice]. To come back this time with new originals, it makes it special.”

The tour takes its name from Tony’s EP, which was released on July 16. As previously teased, it reflects more of the sound that Tony found through his live show performances during season two of the hit NBC series. It has that same level of energy, with catchy first single “Never Gonna Let You Go” being the earworm of the summer, and “Never In A Million” serving as a nice anthem for anyone who’s ever been in a bad relationship. These are songs that will put a smile on your face without a doubt.

If you haven’t listened to the new music yet, here’s Tony’s performance of lead single “Never Gonna Let You Go” from this past season of The Voice.

Tony did tell us on a few occasions that this release would be a departure for him, so now that it’s out, is he happy that he made the break? “I definitely got the reaction I was hoping to get and in some cases, the reaction I pretty much anticipated,” he explained. “By and large, folks were really quick to embrace the new music. Creatively, I think we nailed it. I feel really proud of the record. As far as me venturing into a more mainstream sound, I think we accomplished that with flying colors. I think it’s still me. It’s not for everybody and I knew that going into it.”

With the progress he’s made in the year-plus since he was in the national spotlight, it’s “Definitely a new era,” he continued. “Headlining tours, that’s a big deal. Before I used to go out on joint bills with other artists. I did a lot of opening for other artists. And that’s all great, but it’s constantly working toward the next thing. With the success of the show there was a little more name recognition all around.

“Now I’ve got my own tour vehicle and my own merch stockpile. I’ve got a full time band that’s out with me now. All these things. That’s definitely all new territory – and welcome territory. It allows me to work a little harder at what I do and not have to wear so many hats. And I really enjoy that. It’s really nice to have such a catalog to pull from as well now, from the old records, from the Voice stuff and now the new material. It’s been great to pull my set list together every night and there’s options. It’s a really great time.”

Fans who come to see Tony at any of his remaining shows will have the opportunity to purchase a physical copy of With The Whole World Watching, which is only available on tour dates or at his website. They can also check out his new Snaps app, which allows folks to take a photo and then superimpose any number of layers, including trying on Tony’s trademark fedora or his beard.  That can be found here, and it’s another example of how Tony’s profile has risen of recent.

Doors are definitely opening for Tony that he didn’t necessarily expect a few years ago. Take, for instance, the time he got to open for OneRepublic. “At the beginning of the tour, we were getting ready to go to rehearse for the tour. The band came up to Michigan. And [I] got a last minute opportunity to open for OneRepublic. It was just kind of a weird organic thing that happened through a friend of mine that works for Live Nation.

“I know Ryan Tedder and we’ve kind of swapped tweets and texts and things over the last couple years, but to get this opportunity to share the stage with them was really pretty cool,” he continued. “And my band was there. They were backstage watching my set, and they said Ryan had come to watch the set from the wings and was tweeting about my performance. That felt good, because it was kind of in front of a hometown crowd.”

He’s since relocated with his family to Nashville, and even though he’s set to tour through the end of 2013, still has an eye toward the full-length album that is on its way in the future. “You try and make the most of the time,” Tony said. “I’ve never been terribly disciplined about writing on the road. Any downtime you get, you kind of want to treat it as such.

“Now that I’m in Nashville, I just have so many talented writers at my disposal. The downtime that I do have in between these various runs of touring, I’m back at the drawing board. We’ve got a handful of additional songs that we’re going to track for the album and a few more to come.”

Although he’s making big strides in his career, and his music is certainly evolving, one thing that isn’t any different is Tony himself. He’s still a hard-working musician who is constantly working to improve at his craft, and makes an effort to be connected to his fan base, whether it’s through social media or his website, which is reaching a milestone. “We celebrate 15 years this year, which is pretty cool, I think,” Tony said, adding with a chuckle, “In that 15 years, there’s been a lot of ebb and flow.” Yet now, with all of his efforts finally having been recognized and his music better than ever, he’s got nowhere to go but up for the forseeable future.

Tony Lucca’s EP With The Whole World Watching is available now; you can click here to download it on iTunes. Tour dates and tickets are available via his website ( and you can also follow Tony on Twitter (@luccadoes).

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Tony Lucca Releases ‘With The Whole World Watching’ EP Today

The Voice - Season 4

Congratulations are in order for Tony Lucca, Team Adam’s finalist on Season 2 of The Voice, whose EP With The Whole World Watching is now available on iTunes today.

The release consists of six new tracks, including first single “Never Gonna Let You Go,” which Tony performed on the Voice stage during the Season 4 live playoffs. If you missed that performance, here it is below.

To celebrate the big day, Tony is connecting with his fans via StageIt for a live webcast and performance today at 5:00 PM PDT (adjust for your time zone). He’ll be playing both new songs and some old favorites. Tickets are “pay what you can,” and you can get yours by clicking here to be taken directly to StageIt.

Tony also has a few incentives for fans during the webcast: the top tipper will receive a guest spot to any of his upcoming tour dates (excepting the Honda Civic Tour dates on which he is opening for Maroon 5), while the second-place tipper will get a free digital copy of With The Whole World Watching, and third place receives a Facebook shout-out.

The new EP shares a name with Tony’s upcoming nationwide tour. The Whole World Watching campaign will see him visit cities from New York to San Diego beginning at the end of July. For more information, including specific cities and show schedule, check out the tour announcement from March.

When Tony returned to The Voice in June, we asked him what fans can expect from that tour, and he told us, “It’s going to be me and my friends Honor By August. I think they’re kind of on the brink of something big as well. They’re phenomenal and it’s going to be a good show between the two acts. Me and my band [will be] playing mostly the new stuff from the new EP, and revisiting some of the old stuff, and again some of the stuff from the Voice catalog, because people seem to appreciate those [songs].”

Download With The Whole World Watching on iTunes now by clicking here. You can get the latest on Tony by visiting his website ( and following him on Twitter (@luccadoes).

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Postmortem: Season 4 Live Playoffs, May 27-28

Little belated this week with end-of-month craziness, but here we are!




‘The Voice’ Celebrates Memorial Day

The Voice - Season 4

The Voice’s latest performance show fell on Memorial Day, but being on a TV show didn’t stop the singers from recognizing the holiday.

Some of the Top 8 artists said the occasion lent an extra significance to their performances. Others recognized loved ones who had served or who are serving. All of them agreed that they were happy to have taken the stage.

“The show must go on, isn’t that what they always say?” Team Adam’s Amber Carrington told after Monday night’s performances. “But I think it was really cool, because we got to sing and it was in memory of our troops and everything. We got to put on a show for people.”

“It was kind of interesting,” agreed her teammate, Judith Hill. “It was really cool to know that today’s Memorial Day and sing with that in mind.”

“There’s always that thought in our heads of ‘Oh, my gosh, it’s another week. We have to survive. We have to practice. We have to do all this.’ But [we were] able to get a little bit away from that today,” said Team Blake’s Holly Tucker, “and really remember all the sacrifices that people have made for us. I’m always thankful for that. So I made sure that people knew that today.”

She has several relatives who have served. So did both Amber and Judith’s grandfathers. Team Adam’s Sarah Simmons got emotional as she mentioned loved ones currently in the military.

“My cousin is in the Air Force and then one of my best friends is about to go to Afghanistan soon,” she told us, wiping tears from her eyes.

Yet as Team Blake’s The Swon Brothers pointed out, being a musician often means working on all sorts of holidays. “More than likely – judging by our past schedule – if we were at home, we’d be performing somewhere,” said Zach Swon.

Team Usher’s Michelle Chamuel agreed. “I’ve been in a band before [the show] for five years,” she explained. “We played almost every holiday. New Year’s Eve, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Halloween.”

For those observing Memorial Day who still decided to tune in, the Voice artists expressed a desire to have brought something positive to a national day of remembrance.

“I hope that it could bring joy to people. I know we’re supposed to be celebrating our troops and our country. There are more important things than a singing competition show,” said Team Shakira’s Sasha Allen. “I don’t have any family members who’ve served, but I take it to heart, all the soldiers that have lost their lives for our freedom.”

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Artist Update: Chris Cauley

Chris CauleyChris Cauley has been hard at work since joining Team Adam in season two of NBC’s The Voice, and now he’s close to a brand-new EP. With just days to go on a Kickstarter campaign, Chris joined BFTV to tell us what we can expect from his new music and how he’s been since we saw him in the Voice battle rounds.

“This EP has really consumed everything. We’ve been working kind of on and off since November to be honest,” he explained of the five-song project. “Basically what we did, we kind of went back to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and who I’m just the biggest fan of. The whole theme when recording was ‘What would Michael do?’ It’s a very, very musical EP, but a five-year-old could sing along to it because it has the hooks that pop music does. It’s kind of got a Michael Jackson meets Maroon 5 meets The Jackson 5 sound.”

The Georgia-based singer made a big move when he signed with Red Light Management, which also represents heavyweight artists like Alicia Keys, Dave Matthews Band, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Luke Bryan. “They’re one of the biggest management companies in the world,” Chris said. “We went all or nothing in this. We’ve got a full string section orchestra, live horn. Having Red Light on my side and having people waiting on it, we were like ‘We gotta go big for this.’”

Voice fans remember Chris for the different arrangement of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” that landed him on Adam Levine‘s team, as well as the battle round where he sang U2′s “Beautiful Day” with eventual Team Adam finalist Tony Lucca. What you might not be as aware of is that he’s been a touring musician for a decade.

“What I want people to know I was on The Voice, but long before that I was grinding it out for 10 years,” he continued. “All the years of grinding and having nothing to show for it is kind of coming down to this. It’s been 10 years in the making.” To that end, Chris wants fans to see each Kickstarter pledge as not just a one-off donation to the new record, but “more of an investment into a career.”

With two seasons having happened since Chris was a part of NBC’s hit show, it’s no longer a huge part of his life. “I embrace it when it comes up, but it’s been awhile since I’ve used it to my advantage,” he explained. “Even during the show – I know producers hated hearing this – I was just being honest [and saying] ‘This isn’t life or death for me. This is just a fun, incredible experience. I’m content.’ Even my exit interview, I said ‘Tony deserved it.’

“Tony and I got to be really good friends. We weren’t out for blood like they want you to be on TV,” he continued. The two still keep in touch, and Chris also opened for Tony on one night during his “Chapter Two” tour last year. He’s highly complimentary of his former teammate. “Without me even asking, Tony’s been typing about my Kickstarter,” Chris told us. “Someone asked a question, and obviously Tony has so many likes on Facebook, [but] I noticed he responded. He went way out of his way to get that one person to pledge, which was cool. I’m so happy for him.”

Chris also took the stage with another Team Adam alumnus, season one winner Javier Colon, recently in San Diego. The two share a mutual close friend, keyboardist Matt Cusson, and had met before but were surprised to find they were sharing the stage. “We didn’t even know each other was [scheduled for] the show,” Chris told us with a laugh. “It was booked through our separate college agencies. Javier didn’t even know I was going to be there. I didn’t even know I was opening for him. He’s doing really well.”

Now he’s hoping that he can enjoy some of the same success his colleagues have. “It’s been awesome,” he told us of the ongoing process to get his EP to the finish line. “I’d love for it to be a warm and fuzzy success story.”

You can pledge to Chris’s Kickstarter effort by clicking here, keep up with him on Twitter (@ChrisCauley), and check out him performing “Ordinary People” with fellow Voice alum Mathai below.

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