Blog: Name a musical artist or group that you’d enjoy performing with.


WordPress posed the question today, “Name a musical artist or group that you’d enjoy performing with.” I couldn’t resist answering, if only because my answer is so obvious.

Without a doubt, it’s Adam Levine.

I have the aspiration to sing with him someday – not even professionally. I know I’ll probably never be dropping an album. I’d be happy if we just collaborated on a few lines between setups on The Voice. Or in a karaoke bar, since he seems to like those. I’d just be over the moon to share a harmony with him.

He’s got the most unique voice I’ve ever heard, and he’s incredibly talented as a vocalist, a musician and a songwriter. I would be hard-pressed to name a more versatile artist to partner with. If I’m going to play in the “major leagues” per se, then obviously I want to play with the best.

It’d probably also be the best situation for me because I’m more familiar with Maroon 5‘s music than any other artist or group, so I would come in feeling more comfortable and stand a better chance of actually contributing. It would be important to me to make the team-up worth everyone’s time.

Most importantly, though, working with Adam would have the most significance for me personally and emotionally. He’s the person who saved my life. I’ve learned things from him that made me a better person. He fostered my love of music in the first place. Without him, I wouldn’t even be considering performing with any artist or group. I could really see myself just sitting in the studio and learning a lot from Adam, musician to musician. And I think we would have a fantastic time together besides.

I’m sure it will never happen, but just thinking about it makes me smile.