Happy “The Voice” Halloween!

Happy The Voice Halloween!

The official NBC The Voice Twitter account asked fans if anyone was planning to go as one of the coaches for the holiday. Since I’ve already been teased about sharing a wardrobe with Adam Levine, I decided to dress up as my coach for tonight.

(I thought about going as Blake Shelton, but I would have needed stilts.)

For comparison purposes, here’s Adam at the press junket on Friday next to me today:

CR: Brittany Frederick












Fun fact: that’s my own guitar I’m holding. It’s a 222 by First Act electric – one of the ones in the line that Adam himself co-designed. And the wardrobe is definitely comfortable; it’s not that far off from how I already dress, although obviously, Adam wears it a lot better than I do!

It may not be the most difficult costume I’ve ever done, but I’m having a lot of fun. And if Adam should see this and get a laugh out of it, that’s good enough for me!