Dia Frampton’s New Video, Casey Weston’s New Album, & A Rebecca Loebe Update!

Not only did Dia Frampton‘s new single “The Broken Ones” arrive today, but so did the video. Check it out!

More good news from the ladies of The Voice: Casey Weston‘s new album will also arrive in stores next week (the same week as those of Beverly McClellan and Javier Colon). If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, here are iTunes and Amazon links to do so.

Casey’s teammate, Rebecca Loebe, is also working on a new album – and she’s looking for your help to do it! She’s intending to fundraise the cost of her next release on her own rather than “giving creative interest to a record label or corporate sponsor.” It’s a noble goal for any musician, and if you’re interested in finding out more, Rebecca lays out the plan very well at her website. Let’s all wish her the best!