Blog: Who brings out the best in you?


WordPress posed another interesting question today: “Who brings out the best in you?”

It’s a topic that’s been on my mind of recent. There are a lot of people who motivate me to be the best that I can be every day, but if I had to pick one, the answer is obvious – my hero, and The Voice coach, Adam Levine.

Yes, I’m going to sing his praises again for a minute, so you’re allowed to take this as read and move on, if you like.

I don’t use the term “my hero” lightly. I’ve only applied it to two other people in my entire life, both when I was young (my childhood favorite actor Linden Ashby, whose characters motivated me as I was learning to walk, and Hall of Fame baseball player Tony Gwynn, who was my athletic role model). As an adult, I’d never used the term before Adam.

But there are many reasons why he’s the only person I’ve called that in twenty years, and a big part of why is because he does bring out the best in me.

It’s a different kind of inspiration. When I was talking about my heroes as a child, I wanted to do what they had done. I wanted to be an awesome martial artist, and a great baseball player. I held their success up as goals for my success. I always put them in a class unto themselves.

And I certainly do admire Adam’s long list of accomplishments – the three Grammy awards, the recent American Music Award, all the accolades, successful records, and the huge and loyal fan base.

But Adam has always encouraged me to look in another direction: rather than trying to measure up to him or anyone else, to find the greatness in myself, and be proud of who I am. Instead of just looking up to him, he helped me look up to myself. He brings out the best in me because of that support and encouragement. He’s shown me that there is a best in me, and I’m going to make the most of it – yes, to make him proud, but also for myself.

You’d be surprised what you can do when you believe in yourself – even if it takes someone else believing in you first for your eyes to be opened.