Lots of New Interviews!

As promised, I come bearing a bounty of fresh new interviews today. I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend as well as meet many of the artists from season two, and I want to share the first batch with you now. Here they are:

  • Season 1 champ Javier Colon caught me up on where he’s been and if he’s happy with his success post-show
  • Team Christina’s Chris Mann said my favorite phrase ever: “Idol can suck it”
  • His duet partner Monique Benabou talked about the causes she supports
  • Team Cee Lo’s Cheesa Laureta cracked me up
  • Her duet partner Angie Johnson discussed her feelings on going from Afghanistan to Hollywood
  • And Team Christina’s Jesse Campbell gave advice to fellow single parents

I’m far from done: there will be more interviews next week! Stay tuned!