From The Results Show…

If you thought Monday was crazy, you didn’t see last night. Click here to read my coverage from the results show, including who went home, what everyone thought about it, and where you can hear the departing artists in the future. It was definitely a tough column to write!

We also learned something: Team Blake’s Naia Kete let us know that there’s only a certain list of songs the artists can choose to perform (ostensibly because of clearances). That explains why James Massone did “Find Your Love” in blind auditions and Sera Hill did it in live rounds, or Brian Fuente sung “Paris” in blinds and then we heard Ashley de la Rosa sing it last night, or how Naia herself sung “If I Were A Boy” which Cheesa Laureta sung at her blind audition, or Moses Stone did “Breakeven” after Xenia sung it in season one. Yep, only two and a half seasons in and the repetition is popping up a little. Let’s get these artists a bigger list!