From The Live Show…

Fireworks on the live show last night (figuratively and literally). Erin Willett had literal fire, but the sparks flew when America learned of Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera‘s instant eliminations. You can read my Starpulse article breaking down last night right here. There’s a lot of shock and some harsh words going around on the ‘net already, and I’d like to encourage everyone to focus your energy on supporting Jordis and Jesse, rather than being negative toward their coaches. We can’t change the results, but we can send some “love and light,” as Jesse would say, toward the artists.

In other news, not only did Maroon 5 drop their new single “Payphone,” but Team Adam’s Karla Davis has just released her new single Unbroken. You can download it by clicking on over to the Albums page and looking under “Season 2.” Congrats, Karla!