So, Now What?

Season two of The Voice is over. Congratulations Jermaine Paul! But…

Now this is where the real work begins.

It’s up to us (the fans) to continue our support of these artists beyond the show. Votes don’t matter anymore; what matters if they can sell records and convince people that they’re worth betting on. If there’s someone you fell in love with on the show, please be sure to go out and buy their music, and let them know that you are out there. That’s what is going to matter weeks, months and years from now.

As always, I’ll be on the job, bringing you all the information I can. I’ve already booked follow-up interviews with several artists, and will be at tonight’s big concert at Saint Rocke as well! But for now, check out my interviews from the live finale and be sure to help Team Blake’s Jordis Unga as she puts together her debut album.

The show may be over, but the next chapter’s just beginning…