Big Red Chairs Exclusive: The Vicci Martinez Interview


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At her recent San Diego show with Jamar Rogers, the Team Cee Lo finalist from season one of The Voice chatted exclusively with me about her new album, time on the show, and plans for the future.

How’s life been for you now that your album is finally out?

Busy. Now I don’t even know what day it is but that’s okay. (laughs)

What’s the early reception been to the album?

It’s been really good. Right now the album’s being researched and seeing how much work they want to put into it, and it’s been researching really well.  Hopefully we’ll get another big [promotional] push.

One of the things Javier Colon and I talked about was how he got to make the album he really wanted to with Come Through For You. So would you say Vicci is the album you really wanted to make?

I feel like it’s definitely a good uptempo pop album, but at the same time, every song is my life. That’s why I ended up calling it Vicci.

I made this thinking that it was great and that people of all sorts were going to like it. In it, I wanted to write songs with a good melody, a good message and that was the most important to me. I believe in these tracks. If it doesn’t do as good as they want it to do, I gave it my all.

You’re the last of the final four to release an album. Was that ever a concern for you?

I took a risk taking a year to release my record. I was told by the label that they were nervous about that. They wanted to release when Dia [Frampton] and Javier released. I said I wanted to take the time to make a good record.

And you’ve certainly done that. Did you feel the need to re-establish yourself as an artist outside of The Voice? Because unlike some of your colleagues, your music on the show was pretty much like your music on this album.

I’m glad that you noticed that. People expect that you go into this other world and you’re going to be a big old pop diva kind of person. (laughs)  Coming from a reality TV show, you’re considered a reality TV artist, and people just kind of think you just sang good and you went on the show. I’m a good singer, but I’m a musician and I’m a writer, and I’ve been doing it for years before the show. When I got to work on this record, I got to bring [that] to the table, and I’m confident behind it.

A year later, are you still happy that you did the show?

I wouldn’t be in this spot that I’m in at all [without it]. One of my favorite things is the people I’ve met throughout the whole process. I feel like any time I went into a production studio I was a sponge. To have somebody like Max Martin come on board – he’s the executive producer of Maroon 5’s new album, and he came and started working with me for free and because he liked me. He’s a friend. I never would have said a year ago that that would happen. Every little thing that happened brought me to where I am now, and I’m okay with going through the trenches.

What’s in those trenches after this tour? Maybe an eventual day off?

Hopefully not. I have some stuff that I have to do. [I’m] trying to get on a tour opening for somebody. It’s kind of just seeing how everything goes. I can’t wait to do the next [album] and stay in the game.

Have there been any good tour stories?

When we went to Vancouver, Jamar wasn’t able to get through. They kicked us out of our cars to search them and made us stand in the rain. We barely got there on time. But the show was great. It made for a good story.

My thanks to Vicci for this interview! You can follow her on Twitter (@VicciMartinez) and for more information or to order your own copy of her new album, visit her official website

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