Interview: Team Adam’s Pip on His Debut Single ‘Who Cares’ and Life After ‘The Voice’ Season 2

Team Adam’s Pip was one of the fan favorites on Season 2 of The Voice, and it’s not hard to see why: in addition to being phenomenally talented (all four coaches turned their chairs for him), he also had one of the best personalities. I dare anyone to spend five minutes with the Georgia native and not fall in love with how down-to-earth, polite and positive he is. The night that coach Adam Levine had to cut him thanks to the instant elimination rule, when he should’ve been the one upset, he ended up comforting me, because I was upset at having to say goodbye to one of my new best friends.

Right now, he’s got reasons to smile. Yesterday saw the release of “Who Cares,” the debut single off his forthcoming album No Formalities. If you somehow haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do so here.  This coming Monday, September 17, he’ll be performing alongside teammate Karla Davis and Team Christina’s Lindsey Pavao at The Mint; if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can still get tickets here. I recently caught up with Pip to discuss the new single, what life is like after his time on The Voice, and his fabulous fans (hello Pipsters!)

“It’s gone really well. It’s gone better than I expected it to,” he said of the initial reaction to the new track. “It’s just been really cool to finally show everyone what I’ve been working on!”

Although a lyric video for “Who Cares” is already on YouTube, Pip added that next on the agenda is a proper music video for it. “That’ll probably be out by the end of the month,” he explained, “then we’ll do single number two and the video for that. Then the full record will be released; November is when we’re hoping to get it out. Our goal is really to get signed [to a record label] in the next six months, so we can start actually promoting this album and working on the next one.”

What is he looking for when he signs that record deal? Pip expressed a sentiment that’s very familiar to all the fans of The Voice. “I’m looking for someone who’s going to want to do the things that I want to do, and not try and make me into another artist,” he said. “Someone who can really get behind me and really help me to make that an even bigger thing.” And yes, that includes his trademark bowtie-wearing style, which isn’t going anywhere.

If it sounds like Pip is fast-tracking his plans, that harkens back to one of my things to watch for in Season 3: he confirmed that his decision to release the single this week was related to The Voice‘s fall premiere. “It really was all based on Season 3 entirely,” he said. “We knew that when people watch these shows. they’re kind of like ‘What happened to those people from last year?’ I think it’s smart to do it right at the beginning [of the new season] instead of waiting. People get invested in the new people; everyone has new favorites.” He’s not the only Season 2 artist to take that approach; both Cheesa and Moses Stone recently released new singles and Chris Mann has an album coming out in October.

While he might not have a record deal yet, Pip has one of the most vocal and most supportive fanbases that any artist from The Voice has ever had. The “Pipsters,” as they’re named, have distinguished themselves as not only rallying behind Pip himself, but also each other and fellow fans of the show. Having myself enjoyed interacting with the Pipsters over Season 2 and beyond, I asked Pip to chat a little about them.

“They are amazing,” he said. “[They’re] thanking me for putting out music. And I’m like, ‘No, guys, it’s backwards, thank you for helping me get here and to put out music.’ This thing wouldn’t even have gotten off the ground if not for that Kickstarter. I don’t think I ever expected to have this much impact on people. It’s amazing to see that just being on a show for four episodes, really, can bring you into people’s lives so much that you can have a relationship with them. They respond as a group and as a family of these people.”

Yet if anyone’s deserving of having superfans, it’s Pip, who has given back to his fans and to the Voice community in general as much as any other artist who’s ever been on the show. Together with Team Cee Lo’s Justin Hopkins, he helped coordinate the “After Party” concert when Season 2’s artists weren’t given the chance to do The Voice Live on Tour. He’s incredibly active with his fans on Twitter, via his website, and in Ustream chats. Not only does Pip sing with a maturity beyond his years, established artists could learn a thing or two from him about how to conduct themselves.

That good feeling was one of the things that was particularly special about the sophomore run of The Voice; the artists felt even more like a cohesive group, whether it was amongst each other or how they interacted with their fans. There are many fond memories of UStream chats between rehearsals, celebrating birthdays, and a ridiculous amount of hugs. “Season 2 had this crazy vibe that got us all to become this huge, amazing group that helps each other,” Pip said. “That was kind of the most amazing moment of the show for sure, becoming such a family with all of them. We still talk to each other and hang out.”

Is there anything in particular that he looks back on fondly? “I think the whole experience of being able to be with these people who are crazily talented,” he added, “like Juliet [Simms] and Chris; they were very sort of mentor-ish in a way. It was so cool to just be around them and hear all their different stories.”

Now he’s on a journey to make more stories of his own. As far as his long-term plans, he explained that he wants to “tour as much as possible. I’ve worked so hard to get here to perform, to be in front of people. That’s definitely my passion is being on stage and being out there. I would just put on giant, amazing arena shows that people had to have the best time [at]. I want to make music that makes people move. I want to give music to people and I want them to come to my shows and say, ‘That was one of the best times of my life.'” Something tells me that, as talented of an artist and more importantly, as upstanding of a person as he is, he won’t have any problem achieving that goal.

“Who Cares” is now available on iTunes. You can connect with Pip via Twitter or

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