‘The Voice’ Beats ‘The X Factor’ in Head-to-Head Battle

Maybe people should stop picking fights with The Voice. According to the ratings reports at The Futon Critic, The Voice beat the first hour of the premiere of FOX’s The X Factor, with 10.66 million viewers to X Factor‘s 7.45 (that’s a difference of more than 2 million if you don’t want to do math). The Voice also won the uber-coveted 18 to 49-year-old demographic, with a 3.3 to The X Factor‘s 2.7.

It’s worth noting that in the second hour, when it aired against the finale of America’s Got Talent, The X Factor was up sharply to the tune of 9.49 million viewers – so both programs in general are drawing comparable numbers of viewers. (America’s Got Talent, however, was the most-watched program of the night with just over 11 million eyeballs.) This is a nice victory for NBC, whose strategy to counter-program Voice against its competition clearly worked.

It’s too early to judge if The Voice‘s ratings are really holding up in the fall versus the spring season; last season’s premiere scored over 50 million eyeballs in the first hour, but that’s because it aired on a Sunday following the Super Bowl, which drew about 101 million viewers. The next night, on Monday, The Voice‘s time slot premiere drew a more sane 17.69 and a 6.6 in the key demographic.


4 thoughts on “‘The Voice’ Beats ‘The X Factor’ in Head-to-Head Battle

  1. Yeah, I seriously pondered whether to try out the 2nd hour of X-Factor…but I just couldn’t rouse any interest within myself to watch the bad singers. I get another shot at it, tonight. We’ll see.

    1. You’ll have to tell me what you think. I’m on a self-imposed work hiatus from TV for the rest of the week; I spent so much time on the Voice premiere week that now I’ve got a backlog of articles and interviews for other projects that need to be written and posted. I’m pretty sure that between The Voice and Top Gear USA, the whole first half of my week is going to be those two shows and then I’ll be spending Wednesdays-Fridays playing catch-up on everything else.

      1. Sorry, Brittany, but given the choice of seeing X-Factor or the finale of AGT, I chose the latter. Maybe I’ll give it a try, next week. Honestly, the recaps of the first two episodes that I’ve read haven’t helped my interest level. They don’t seem to show very many full auditions, roughly 5 an hour.

      2. I will add, though, that there was, apparently, one really good one, a 13-year-old girl who sang Nina Simone like a mini-Xtina. For my taste, she’s kind of young for this kind of pressure (I think there was a 13-year-old, last year, involved in the big meltdown). From the judges’ comments before and after her performance, it sounds like she was the best one out of everyone who had auditioned.

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