Poll: Which ‘The Voice’ Covers Are Better Than The Original?

Here’s a question for you, Voice fans. I was listening to Tony Lucca‘s rendition of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” last night, and I realized there are a handful of covers from The Voice that I actually prefer over the original artists’ versions. “In Your Eyes” is one of my favorite songs, but honestly, I’d rather hear Tony’s version than Peter Gabriel’s – something about how Tony performs it brings me to tears when I hear it.

There are others that I love dearly as well. In no particular order: from Season 1, I think we can all agree that Dia Frampton‘s version of Kanye West’s “Heartless” was one of the season’s best moments. I have a big soft spot for Jeff Jenkins‘ version of Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel,” too.

In Season 2, that number only gets bigger: Chris Mann‘s “Viva La Vida” marked the first time I’ve ever liked a Coldplay song (and for some reason, I feel compelled to sing it every time it comes up on my iPod), Jamar Rogers totally reinvented Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life,” I can’t stop smiling every time I hear Tony Vincent‘s “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” and just about anything Tony Lucca did toward season’s end was a fantastic reinvention of something. (I’d also argue that TV and Justin Hopkins sung the definitive version of Journey’s “Faithfully,” but I have to exclude it because we can’t download it. Yes, I’m still annoyed about that.)

So, seeing as I’m going to be away from the next group of Season 3 blind auditions tonight (don’t panic – I’ll be in Los Angeles covering Pip, Lindsey Pavao and Karla Davis), I thought this would be an interesting poll for us all to ponder. Which renditions from The Voice have you enjoyed more than the original tunes? Comment below and let me know!

6 thoughts on “Poll: Which ‘The Voice’ Covers Are Better Than The Original?

  1. Part of me is surprised you like Tonny’s version of “In Your Eyes” (Christina was waaaaaay too harsh but that was Tony’s weakest performance IMO) but then I remember than I don’t care much for Peter Gabriel anyways so I’m biased hehe

    I don’t know if I’d say they’re better, but I’ve loved all the Nirvana covers (specially the Rebbeca Loebe audition in s01).
    And I also still kinda hate NBC for not releasing an itunes version of Lindsay’s cover of “Please Don’t Go”. I know a studio version wouldn’t have had the same emotional punch as the one from the live shows but still, it was just sooooooo good

    BTW, have you seen this Hollywood Reporter article?: http://tinyurl.com/9pa9cnd
    I know it’s speculation but it’s interesting just to see what direction the producers could go re: the new coaches

    1. I’m a little cheesed (though I understand why) the ‘last chance’ performances didn’t end up on iTunes. I loved Katrina Parker’s version of “Don’t Speak,” for example, and we couldn’t ever get that either. But given that they were ‘last chance’ songs, they probably didn’t have the time to do proper recording.

      And I had not seen that piece – I avoid speculation pieces like that. I know it’s sort of self-deprecating, but I dislike the media’s tendency to try and whip up something when nothing is set in stone. Having said that, I’m not a huge fan of Shakira or Usher, but at least they’re not Nicki Minaj.

      1. Yeah, I usually also avoid speculation pieces (honestly I was only reading HR out of sheer boredom :P) but now they’re also saying it’s official in Yahoo! Music and EW so I guess it’s a done deal? (they all cite a press release but no one includes a link to the darn thing so I have no idea how true this is)
        On the bright side of things they’re saying Adam and Blake are staying so there’s at least one more season their bromance to look foward to 😛

      2. I found the press release on NBC’s media site; check my latest post for a link. It’s legit, and IMO, I think we’re really lucky that Adam and Blake are staying. They would’ve been the two I would’ve actually expected to go first, Adam in particular given that Maroon 5’s Overexposed tour was supposed to be in the spring of 2013 and whatever other stuff he’s doing as well.

    2. I don’t know if I can say I prefer any of the covers to the originals. The originals were pretty good. But many of the performances that were more arrangements than straight covers (“Come As You Are,” “Time After Time,” “Heartless,” “Say Aah,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” etc., not sure about “Satisfaction,” though) are keepers for me.

    3. BTW – the timing is almost funny. First, Christina has her new music debut at the same time as X-factor’s debut. Now, there’s word of two new coaches, just a day after Idol announces their new judges. Someone really knows how to steal some thunder, huh?

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