Backstage Blog: September 18, 2012 – Two for the Road

Backstage Blog: I’ve just come back from almost two whole days on the road in Los Angeles, covering two fantastic concerts put on by alumni from The Voice, and while I’m exhausted, it reminded me yet again that I have the best job that I could ask for. The only way I could have more fun in my life is, maybe, if Adam Levine called me up and asked me to join Maroon 5 on tour.

I want to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to Season 2’s Lindsey Pavao, Pip and Karla Davis, who played The Mint on Monday (where the above picture comes from), and Season 1’s Rebecca Loebe, who was at Hotel Cafe tonight, for putting on wonderful shows and spending time with me besides. It’s nights like these that are the best part of what I do. When an artist from The Voice invites me out to their concert, or offers to do a follow-up interview, it’s a huge compliment. It means I’ve made friendships that are still here well after the show’s moved on. And I would say of the true, close friends that I count in my life, most of them are from The Voice.

I’ve never been that popular, so it’s a pretty awesome feeling when I walk into a room having anything to do with the show and get greeted by name. Or, as in the case of Monday, show up for a concert and realize there are a half-dozen people there that know me from Twitter. Tonight, Rebecca made a reference to me onstage, which made me geek out a bit. That’s never happened before. I know that when I’m with my Voice friends, I’m wanted there.

One of my favorite stories from The Voice comes from Season 2, and the very first interview I did with Karla. I had the habit of introducing myself to all the artists by mentioning my Twitter handle (@bigredchairs), so that they’d know we’d talked before and I wasn’t a complete stranger. Karla got super-excited and mentioned to me that the artists all talked about me. My jaw dropped and I got choked up for a second, because it threw me that these talented, amazing folks would be speaking about me. That was the moment the lightbulb came on over my head and I realized that I was doing something that was actually important to people. The artists I’ve met through the show have been just as supportive of me as I’ve tried to be of them.

That extends to the Voice fans as well; all the folks I’ve interacted with are the sweetest and most supportive fans, not just of the artists but of each other, too. Half the fun of Monday night was showing up alone and fitting right in like I’d come with a half-dozen buddies. (I’ve got to tip my hat again to Haley and Cara, who shared their table with me.) It’s been really neat to realize that I have fans, and fans who don’t just read me, but ask about me, too.

Big Red Chairs is a labor of love; while I write about The Voice for a number of media outlets, I don’t get paid for probably two-thirds of what you see on this site. Anything that happens outside of the show – concerts, album reviews, follow-up interviews – is on my own time and any expenses are out of my own pocket. That’s made quite a few people look at me like I’m crazy. Yet honestly, when it means I get to spend time with my friends, write about their accomplishments, and know that I’ve got plenty of fans behind me? It’d be crazy not to be a part of all this.

This blog reminds me of a fabulous Justin Hopkins video, so I’ll just sum it up by letting you watch the vid.

Until next time, never be afraid to find your voice,

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