Lots of Updates: Team Cee Lo’s Christmas Album, Lisa Scinta’s Kickstarter, Xenia’s New Single

Thursday is shaping up to be a big day for The Voice fans, as either new music or news about new music is emerging. Here’s what I know so far, and this post will be updated as more develops.

  • Several members of Team Cee Lo, including Season 1’s Vicci Martinez and Season 2’s Jamar Rogers and James Massone, have been spotted in Las Vegas recently. Why? Because they’re appearing on coach Cee Lo Green‘s Christmas album, Cee Lo’s Magic Moment. Cee Lo’s extended an invitation to as many as 20 of his past and present team members to join him on the recording. It comes out at the end of this month; you can pre-order a copy via Amazon. (If you’re counting, that’s two coaches and one artist with a Christmas album this year…it’s a Voice Christmas!)
  • It also came out in a recent Billboard interview that Cee Lo signed his Season 2 finalist Juliet Simms “to a management contract.” It’s not clear what specifically that means, but congrats Juliet!
  • Speaking of coaches, you can also pre-order a deluxe version of Christina Aguilera’s Lotus, which is due out next month.
  • For those of you upset by Tuesday’s editing down of the battle rounds, we’ve found Team Christina’s Lisa Scinta. She has a Kickstarter up to fund a new release effort. Click here to take a look – we can’t get her more airtime on TV, but we can help her get a record made.
  • If you’re not near a WalMart, WalMart.com finally made available Chris Mann‘s Home for Christmas EP. Here’s the item page for you to order yours!
  • Team Blake’s Xenia announced via Facebook that her new single would be available on iTunes today. You can download “Hiding Places” here. Interestingly, it’s copyrighted to Xenia rather than Universal Republic, which unfortunately looks like it confirms our speculation that UMG let her go.

And here’s a new cover video from Team Adam’s Karla Davis:

7 thoughts on “Lots of Updates: Team Cee Lo’s Christmas Album, Lisa Scinta’s Kickstarter, Xenia’s New Single

  1. I’d be upset because Chris’ CD isn’t available in Canada but then I remember that other than my laptop I don’t really have anything that plays CDs lol

    and BTW, someone from AMP radio went to a listening party for Christina’s new album and apparently on top of the collab with Cee Lo that had already been announced there’s also a song featuring Blake on the album. So now all the coaches have collaborated on at least one project 😀

    1. …and so now I have to order Christina’s new album.

      I joke about this at least once a season, but this show has cost me so much money in CDs and iTunes downloads it’s ridiculous.

      1. well, if you don’t care about the entire album you could always buy just those two songs on iTunes
        It’s not huge savings but I guess it helps if you’re buying stuff from three seasons’ worth of Voice people lol

      1. …now I need to see that for the pure lol factor of Blake singing around half dressed men xD

        apparently it’s a country/soul song (whatever that means)
        If you check the twitter feed of MichelleOnAmp you can probably get more details (or at least the name of the song)

      2. LOL! I remember picking up Blake’s Christmas album and being disappointed he didn’t have at least one humorous or off-color Christmas song on there. There are plenty of them and I was like, “That would crack me up.”

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