What’s Adam Levine’s Big News?

The Voice coach Adam Levine had ‘big news’ to announce this morning while visiting On Air with Ryan Seacrest: Maroon 5 will start its long-awaited North American tour on February 13 and visit 31 arenas through April 6.

Tickets go on sale today for Maroon 5 fan club members and this Saturday to the general public, and there are now three levels of VIP available. For dates and more information, visit maroon5.com.

Other soundbites from the interview: Adam described his initial decision to do the show as a “calculated risk” that obviously paid off, said that he’s in “a few” episodes of American Horror Story, and was asked which song he gets sick of playing. “I have my favorites…[but] the crowd makes everything fun or less fun depending on their reaction,” he replied.

The radio appearance is the first of many media stops for Adam over this coming week: he’ll be interviewed and perform with Maroon 5 on NBC’s Today on Thursday, October 25 (7 AM ET/PT) and Thursday evening, he will be a guest on CBS’ Late Night with David Letterman (11:35 PM ET/PT). The next day Adam is on ABC’s Live! With Kelly and Michael (9 AM ET/PT), and Monday, October 29 he’ll visit Anderson Live (check your local listings for time/channel).

You can see more of Adam as The Voice continues tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC, and here’s the much cooler YouTube video he shot to announce the 2013 tour:

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4 thoughts on “What’s Adam Levine’s Big News?

  1. I was wondering if anymore days will be added in NY besides the city. I live near Buffalo and would like to see some upstate

    1. I’m not an official spokesperson for the band, but I’d say no. It wouldn’t make sense for them to only announce part of the North American tour – and then there’s Season 4 of The Voice, and the European leg of the tour kicks off not long after that. Even if they wanted to, there’s no time for them to play any more dates.

  2. Alright, all you Adam fans (this means you) – if you haven’t seen the video clip of Adam’s interview with Access Hollywood yet, you must. He is hilarious (in a TMI way). BTW – it also references the clip of Christina’s visit on Chelsea Handler’s show, so you should see that, too. I have to admit, Xtina actually makes a pretty good talk show host. (That clip also references Blake’s earlier visit to Chelsea’s show, but fortunately, they show one.)

    1. My favorite Adam quip is, for personal reasons, when he joked about throwing a tailgate party on the 405 during ‘Carmageddon’. My mother, who apparently does not understand sarcasm, actually called me to tell me that ‘that singer you like is throwing a party’. I politely explained it to her, hung up and then laughed hysterically for a good five minutes (both at her and at the thought of what an Adam Levine tailgate party on an empty freeway would be like).

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