Season 3 Schedule Update

If you didn’t see the endnote in my recap last night, the schedule for the remainder of Season 3 of The Voice is speeding up. Here’s the information, now confirmed by reps at NBC and Warner Brothers (the studio which produces the show):

Monday, October 29 – Season 3 Knockout Rounds, Part 1
Tuesday, October 30 – Season 3 Knockout Rounds, Part 2 (2 hours instead of usual 1 hour)
Monday, November 5 – Season 3 Live Shows, Part 1
Tuesday, November 6 – NO SHOW – ELECTION DAY 2012
Wednesday, November 7 (SPECIAL NIGHT) – Season 3 Live Shows, Part 2
Thursday, November 8 (SPECIAL NIGHT) – Season 3 Live Shows, Part 3 (first results show)

In short: the Knockout Rounds are only a week long but expanded by an hour to accomodate, while the first week of live shows has been expanded to 3 nights, but also pushed by a day because of Election Day falling on Tuesday. Be sure to update your DVR’s accordingly!

One thought on “Season 3 Schedule Update

  1. I doubt the extra hour for the knockouts will make much of a difference. There are 40 people performing and there’s also all the usual pre-performance stuff and comments from the coaches. Even if they didn’t show commercials that would leave only 6 minutes per contestant.
    Guess we have to start getting ready to yell at our screens once they start showing montages -_-

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