Artist Interview: Meet Team Christina’s Devyn DeLoera

Team Christina’s Devyn DeLoera has established herself as something of a fan favorite in Season 3 of The Voice. Devyn is one of the artists who interacts the most with Voice fans and fellow artists, whether it’s on Twitter or by hosting a spontaneous UStream chat, and fans have embraced her outgoing personality.

Why does everyone love Devyn? Perhaps it’s because she was a fan of the show before she ever stepped on the stage, and remains one to this day. “I definitely have been a fan of the show and have favorites from the other seasons,” she said. “Last season, I loved Lindsey Pavao. She was like my favorite from the beginning. I also really liked Jamar [Rogers] from the beginning, and Cheesa…I started to really like Ashley [de la Rosa], there were so many!”

When it comes to this season, “I’m probably a fan of everyone,” she continued, but dropped one name in particular: “I always listen with my sister to Trevin Hunte’s blind audition!”

Now that it’s her turn to be part of The Voice, Devyn’s living out the ultimate performer’s dream – in joining Christina Aguilera‘s team, she’s working one-to-one with the artist who inspired her to sing in the first place. She got there by having the courage to sing one of Christina’s own songs, “Ain’t No Other Man,” for her blind audition. What was going through her mind when she made that decision?

“I was really excited becase she would obviously know the song. It would make an impression on her, it would hit her,” she explained. “I was willing to take a chance.”

There’s no doubt that chance paid off and Devyn is thrilled to be a part of Team Christina. “I thought it would be easy to handle [working with her] and it’s definitely not. I get really nervous,” she admitted with a laugh. “In my opinion, she’s the best singer in the world right now. To me, this is like somebody [I] wouldn’t ever meet, too far up for me to ever know, and she knows me.

“I didn’t expect her to be as invested as she is. She would be emailing and all of these things to us. She’s always writing back right away. I didn’t expect her to care that much – she’s going above and beyond.”

Being coached by Christina has also changed her perspective on Christina’s music. “I listen to her songs differently,” she said. “There were a lot of things I didn’t know about her. I didn’t know her life story or anything until I [was] working with her. I know more about her story, her as a person, [and] they mean more.”

Finding the meaning of a song is something that she’s worked on recently. “I would call myself probably like a karaoke singer before this. I would just sing songs; I didn’t try and figure out what they meant to me,” she said, adding that now “I try and find that special message in the song that affects me, that I can relate to,” she explained. “‘Ain’t No Other Man’ was kind of hard [because] I don’t have a man. ‘Free Your Mind,’ I definitely tried to relate that to me personally.”

Collaborating with her inspiration is just one of the many things that’s taken Devyn by surprise since she joined The Voice. “Even the fact that I made it to the blind auditions, at that point I was like ‘I don’t even know how I got here.’ We’re all very hard on ourselves because we see every little thing that’s wrong,” she said. “Also, to win my battle round, because I was honestly up against some really fierce competition [in MarissaAnn]. It really could have gone either way. It was a really pleasant surprise to win.”

Although she already knows whether or not she survives the knockout rounds, which were pre-taped earlier this summer, Devyn has already set goals for life beyond the show. “I would love to maybe get some recognition from other labels if [I] don’t win,” she said. “I would love to continue doing something in this industry. I love to sing; it’s my first passion for sure.

“I would love to even maybe start writing my own stuff,” she added. “On this show, you get all the exposure. but I don’t think you get to show your true artistry until you’re off of the show and not doing cover songs.”

With her great personality and willingness to learn, not to mention her power to belt, she’s got a lot to show the world – and she wants you to know that she’s no overnight sensation. “I’ve been working at this for a long time,” Devyn explained. “I think a lot of people think that I just get things handed to me. I did get a random lucky chance but  I feel like it’s because of all the hard work I’ve done before this. I’ve been working at this for many years and nothing has come out of it. It’s worth it now.”

You can keep up with Devyn on Twitter (@DevynDeLoera) and see if she makes it through to the live rounds as Team Christina takes the stage tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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