Season 4 of ‘The Voice’ Begins March 25, 2013

NBC has announced today via press release that Season 4 of The Voice will begin with a two-night premiere on Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

In line with the existing schedule for the series, Monday episodes will air from 8-10 PM ET/PT and Tuesday episodes will air from 8-9 PM ET/PT.

Season 4 will be the first for new coaches Shakira and Usher. They will join the returning Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on the panel. Shakira and Usher are replacing Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, who are taking the cycle off to focus on their music careers.

NBC renewed The Voice for Season 5 earlier this year, but it’s unclear who the coaches will be for that season. In the press release announcing their hiatus, both Aguilera and Green expressed their desires to return for Season 5 but no definitive announcement has been made by the network, while Shelton and Levine aren’t officially locked in either.

Levine told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie during his October 25th appearance on Today that he’s assumed to be part of Season 5, but stopped short of confirming that he will be: “I’m technically supposed to be there as before,” Levine said.

The Voice continues airing Season 3 tonight at 8 PM ET/PT.

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6 thoughts on “Season 4 of ‘The Voice’ Begins March 25, 2013

  1. Okay, so it’s roughly three months on, and three months off while another show fills in (The Biggest Loser in the winter, probably America’s Got Talent in the summer?). I can handle that. And I think Adam said that the teams have gone back from 16 to 12, which should help my poor head.

    I’m amazed the 10-song per hour pace worked for me. I don’t think they’ve ever stuffed in more than 8 an hour, before. If there was more coaching footage, I would have been interested in seeing that, but somehow, I got the impression that there wasn’t much more than the one coaching session, as I seem to recall the knockouts were filmed together with the battles. I also would have liked more than 1:30 of a song, at this stage. Hopefully, they’ll lengthen the time, next season.

    Sadly, there was a lot of impressive talent that got cut, last night; my favorites were Avery, Nicole, and Caitlin, all three victims of choosing their own songs. In two hours time, my 5th Coach team got decimated; hope I don’t lose as many, tonight.

    1. I didn’t hear anything about the team sizes, but I hope that’s true!

      I wish there would’ve been a little more coaching footage or just like, a second or two to breathe in there. At least for me (and granted, I’m trying to write my recap as the show is airing), by the time I’m trying to decide if I liked what I just heard or not, the coaches are already making decisions. I’d totally be for adding another night to knockouts and dropping a night from blinds (I get that everyone loves the button, but I think we can also all agree the blinds started to drag).

      And I haven’t even looked at my 5th Coach team recently, but I know I lost a few folks. I know I had Nicole Nelson as well, and I’d already lost Nelly’s Echo and Lelia Broussard from battles. Of course last season my team was messed up by live shows anyway. My saving grace was that I had Chris Mann and Tony Lucca.

      1. It was some online interview clip I happened to run across; Adam’s been all over the place, recently.

        I would have liked a few seconds in between the two singers in each pair, just so I could transition myself from one singer to another, and one song to another. It was really jarring if it went from a fast song to a slow one.

        I also had Nelly’s Echo on my team, and I lost only one other (Brandon) in the battles, so I was feeling pretty good. Then last night, six went in one fell swoop (Nicole, Avery, Caitlin, Terisa, Kayla, and Mycle). Down goes the ship.

      2. Yep. Press for the North American tour. He did a Q&A in New York that I was invited to, but of course sadly could not attend, being in California and all. I’m still hoping to do an interview with him at some point.

        I really should probably quit playing the 5th Coach game (and voting, too) just because I’m too invested in all of the contestants. Last season I was voting for the people I thought deserved to advance, but then I’d feel bad if I wasn’t voting for someone I was friends with and/or knew had sung their heart out. The good news is I have 3/4 steals remaining for my 5th Coach team at least.

      3. At least you know what the coaches are going through when they have to decide who’s advancing, and who’s not, and why they seem to take so long. Was it Caitlin, last night, who yelled out, “Just say it!”

        I never realized that they actually rely on each others’ comments until that one battle when Adam blurted out, “All three of you can’t say that!”

        Any chance you could interview Christina or Cee Lo before they depart?

      4. Ha, I remember hearing that but I don’t know who said it.

        And I’d like to, but that seems unlikely. NBC still hasn’t given me approval for the press line for Season 3, and even if/when they do, Christina and Cee Lo normally don’t talk to the print reporters. I could try going through their personal reps, but I don’t think I have enough clout (in terms of who I work for) to make that work. I’m having a hard enough time convincing some of the artists’ reps I’m worth their time, and that’s AFTER the artists have been on the show and know me personally.

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