Season 3’s Top 12 Are Announced: Where Do The Teams Stand?

Thursday night, The Voice revealed Season 3’s Top 12 – ending the dreams of 8 artists. Who made the cut, and what does that mean for each of the teams as the competition goes forward?

Team Adam is now represented by Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith and Melanie Martinez. The only surprise in these results is that Melanie was Adam’s save, rather than winning the popular vote. Both Bryan and Amanda have proven time and time again that they are threats to win it all, particularly Amanda, who is proof positive that the steal rule works. Between Melanie’s unique appeal, Bryan’s four-chair turnaround talent, and Amanda’s unbelievable performances, Team Adam may be the strongest overall team in the competition.

Team Blake is down to Terry McDermott, Michaela Paige and Cassadee Pope. Every artist on Team Blake needs to step outside of the box if they’re going to make it to the next level. Terry’s unparalleled ability to rock makes him a frontrunner, but he has yet to sing anything that isn’t in that genre. Likewise, Cassadee had the right idea this week when she talked about making sure she’s not just the rock singer, and Michaela has been improving each week. Of the three, it’s Terry who is the strongest, and right now the likely finalist.

Team Cee Lo has Trevin Hunte, Cody Belew and Nicholas David. There’s no doubt that Trevin is one of the most popular folks in the running, and some have already declared him the winner. It was a very pleasant surprise to see that Nicholas won the popular vote for his fantastic Barry White cover, although many expected Cee Lo would save him regardless of how America voted. Instead, Cee Lo made the right decision by saving Cody, who could still be a dark horse. He seems to have found his groove and it will be interesting to see what song choices come his way next.

Team Christina has been narrowed to Dez Duron, Sylvia Yacoub and Adriana Louise. The fact that Christina chose to save Adriana over De’Borah was the shock of the night – but a well-deserved one, as both Adriana and Sylvia distinguished themselves and earned spots in the next round. They are still similar artists, however, so whether or not that will divide the popular vote between them may be an issue. Dez is not only talented but also has a large fan base, so he could make waves in the competition as well, especially if Sylvia and Adriana do split the pop-diva vote.

While Team Adam has the edge to date simply because all three of Adam’s finalists could win The Voice, each team has at least one frontrunner, and each team has at least one artist who’s unique enough to pull a potential upset if they pick the right song at the right time. Unlike Season 1 and, to a lesser extent, Season 2, there’s no clear-cut standout amongst the Top 12.

As Adam pointed out on Thursday night, the rest of the competition likely comes down to choices – if a strong artist has one bad night, or picks a song that doesn’t give them that breakout moment that wows the home audience, they could be sent packing. Who’s your early favorite to win it all?

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