Episode Postmortem: Season 3 Live Shows, Night 11

The Voice - Season 3

The Voice may have only one coach standing by the time the show reaches its December 17-18 finale.

Tuesday night, Big Red Chairs talked with the two artists who were eliminated from the NBC singing competition, and with their dismissal another coach was also knocked out of contention. Adam Levine saw both his remaining artists – Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown – sent home after the results of America’s vote were revealed.

Coaches Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green each have two artists still up for The Voice grand prize, but with two more singers being eliminated next week, it’s possible that either of them could also be left without anyone in the race.

For his part, although he has half the competing field on his team, Shelton isn’t taking it easy. “Even though two coaches are eliminated, I’m not changing anything,” he said Tuesday night. “It’s listening that got Team Blake here and that’s what’s going to keep us here hopefully, is communicating with each other and being sure that when we do pick a song, it’s for a really good reason. It needs to be something that they’re passionate about every time they go on that stage.”

Melanie Martinez said afterward that she wasn’t surprised by her elimination. “Me and Amanda are really close, so we kind of felt it today. We felt that we were both leaving, and we felt really bad because we’re like ‘we’re both on Team Adam and he’s got nobody left,'” she said with a laugh, but added, “I think it’s not really about that. I think it’s just genuinely about being yourself and just showing who you are as an artist on the show.”

She added that she benefited from having The Voice come along at such an early point in her career. “I think that this is an amazing opportunity and I’ve grown as an artist because of the people like Amanda who’ve been through so much,” she said. “They’ve definitely taught me a lot.”

You can continue to keep up with Melanie via Twitter (@MelanieLBBH).

“I don’t feel any kind of negativity in regards to this entire experience,” reflected Amanda Brown. “I made it to the Top 6 and I feel like it was just a tremendous accomplishment for me. There’s nothing but love and positivity and hope for the future.”

“I feel really proud of those performances and really proud of the decisions that I made. I really left my all on the stage last night and so I don’t think I would have changed anything,” she continued. “I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself along this entire journey and I feel like the lessons that I’ve learned I most definitely will take with me.”

What will she take away personally from The Voice? “Definitely being able to work with Cee Lo and Adam was an amazing opportunity,” she said, “and just to be in the company of such talented young artists. I feel both honored and excited for their journey and excited for mine.”

You can continue to keep up with Amanda via Twitter (@Amanda__Brown).

Their coach was philosophical about Tuesday’s results. “You know, you win things and you lose things. If you win everything all the time, then you wouldn’t be human. It’s kind of how you respond to the losing and tweak things and change things and come back that much stronger for understanding the dynamics of whatever failures you make,” Levine said.

“No one failed. That’s what’s really crazy,” he continued. “So they didn’t get the $53,000 after taxes and the really crazy weird record deal that they are already going to get anyway. Those six people are winners and every single one of them should be proud for however much further they make it in the competition.

“I think actually, there are so many amazing allegiances that have been formed on the show that are so great that, that is the saddest thing to see end – the camaraderie amongst artists.

“It’s on to a new chapter for these guys,” he added. “Listen, the winner has to go home too. People don’t realize that. The winner probably experiences the biggest culture shock when they say to themselves, ‘Now what?’ The winner still has to go home. Don’t forget that.”

Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte remain.

The Voice continues next Monday at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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9 thoughts on “Episode Postmortem: Season 3 Live Shows, Night 11

  1. I think I see a pattern: Christina finishing fourth among coaches and Adam third (again), while Blake wins with a coaching style that focuses on connecting emotionally with the audience through the songs and otherwise laying low and letting an experienced singer do his (or her, most likely) thing. Did you catch the Not-so-family Christmas? I think it would be a great idea for the four coaches to do an out-of-season variety special, or maybe a musical sitcom ala “The Monkees.”

  2. This is the first episode where the whole iTunes vote multiplier really hurt the show. Not necessarily because of who went home (that’s really up to your personal taste really) but because it was painfully obvious who those people were
    Like Carson said, Melanie and Amanda were the only people not to chart on the iTunes top 10, so it was pretty darn obvious that they were going home and no amount of fake suspense was going to make anyone doubt that

    1. I was discussing that with my photographer on the way back and we’re sort of in agreement that a 10x multiplier is ridiculous. I understand some sort of bonus for iTunes, since buying a person’s song is what music is all about, but 10 is just way too large a number IMO. It basically makes iTunes the biggest factor in the results and I don’t think it’s right to put all the voting eggs in one basket per se. But, that’s just my opinion.

    2. 10x multiplier for making the top 10 (with no multiplier for landing at #11) skews it. They should multiply every iTunes purchase equally, because I don’t see someone willing to pay $12.90 to get 10 votes for the same artist, not while the other methods are free for 10 multiple votes. I think it’s a way to try and encourage more sales for Universal, since the whole iTunes thing was their request, back in season 1, but it wasn’t thought through, carefully.

      1. The problem is that if they don’t make the iTunes votes count for more than the internet/phone votes then the show could end up having the same problem it had during the first two seasons: the winner could be someone who isn’t actually selling the most singles.
        Nothing against Javier or Jermaine, but at this point the producers probably NEED someone who can sell lots of records to win the show to bring the show out of AI’s shadow (as much as I may like Chris or Dia neither of them is at that level yet) and the best (if not only) way to ensure that is to make sure that only the people that are actually selling well on iTunes move forward

      2. I see your point, but I thought Javier did sell pretty well (along with Dia, Vicci, and Xenia – the four who were signed). Selling songs as votes is not the same as selling a post-show album. People vote according to the criteria of the contest, but I think they buy regular CDs for other things than “best voice,” like catchiness of songs and marketing success. Just my opinion, I think The Voice has carved out a place for itself – it draws different artists and caters to a different audience than AI.

      3. I’m not really sure how well Javier and Dia did after the show. I know they charted on the Billboard top 200 for a week and the Heatseekers chart for 2 but then disappeared from both.
        Chris is arguably the most successful contestant so far simply because while he charted lower on the top 200 he has been in the Heatseekers one for 4 weeks now (though, again, lower than Dia), has also charted in the AC chart and is still charting in the classical one. And that’s obviously all on top of the high profile gigs he has lined up

        selling on iTunes now is not the same as selling after the show but it’s a better way to gauge popularity than internet/phone votes because people who vote that way may not want to buy the contestant’s album later but the people that bough the songs are more likely to do so

        and I totally agree that The Voice has carved a place for itself but the thing is that AI can say that it can produce platinum selling artists so winning the show matters, while the voice so far hasn’t even produced a gold selling artist so winning is no guarantee of even momentary success. To use Chris as an example again, he may have a better voice than AI last winner (no idea really, don’t watch AI and haven’t heard Phillip Phillips’ music) but PP is easily on his way to get a platinum record by early 2013 at the very latest and, much as I may like Roads, I doubt Chris will get to gold anytime soon
        Crowning winners with the best voice even if they don’t sell as well is better IMO, but at some point it’s going to hurt the show because talented singers may prefer to go to AI simply because they have better chances of being successful there

      4. Good thoughts. Personally, I found Jessica Sanchez to be clearly the better singer than Phillip Phillips, so it just goes to show that there’s a lot more going into record sales than the actual singing. AI has found its WGWG groove, and that’s what’s working for them, now. (Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood were so long ago that it’s not really appropriate to keep citing their success.) Chris Mann is the good example of the difference between the two shows. He doesn’t need to top the charts to establish himself as the successor to Josh Groban. Classical’s a specialty genre, and there’s nobody else currently there, so he just needs to be consistent on his output.

        Just my humble opinion, but I don’t think The Voice needs to launch a superstar. Everybody I know (granted, I have a very limited circle, and I’m not in the south or the east) watches it strictly as a TV show and describes it as, “It’s like American Idol, but with better singers.” As far as I know, they mostly listen to singers like Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Train, not Phillip Phillips or Scotty McCreary, so the connection between TV and music habits simply isn’t there. As long as NBC keeps relying on the show to refloat its programming portfolio, The Voice going to be there. And as long as AI maintains its ratings for Fox, it’s going to be there, too. The one in danger is X-Factor, which has seen its audience drop from 12 million to 7.

      5. uh, I may have to eat my own words after today. Just checked Billboard (my job’s really boring lol) and not only is Chris back in the top 200, but he’s charting higher than he was last time he was there! and he’s also higher in every other chart where he was charting! he’s even had the biggest gains in the classical and heatseekers charts
        so Roads going gold soon may not be such a crazy idea 😀

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