Chris Mann Reveals PBS Special Airdates, Headlining Tour

CR: Jeffry Fasano
CR: Jeffry Fasano

The Chris Mann Experience keeps on rolling. Today, the Team Christina finalist from Season 2 not only announced specific airdates for his Chris Mann In Concert PBS special – but a headlining tour!

Chris Mann In Concert, which was taped last fall in Detroit and has already aired there, will now air nationwide beginning as early as March 2. The special – featuring Martina McBride and Mindi Abair – will then reair throughout the month. Air dates and times depend on your local PBS station, and Chris has helpfully provided a list of all the participating channels and scheduled broadcasts at his website.

He also broke the news that he’ll be heading out on his first headlining tour this spring. Many new tour dates are now posted on Chris’s tour page, and they take him all over the country for…well, pretty much the rest of this year. Ticket info isn’t available for most of the dates yet, so be sure to keep your eye on the page for more updates. Don’t miss your chance to see Chris perform live!

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4 thoughts on “Chris Mann Reveals PBS Special Airdates, Headlining Tour

    1. I did see that, and really liked it. I’ve seen a few things from ‘Voice’ artists on there (I think they may be part of Comcast/NBCU for some reason).

      What nags me now, though, are the ticket prices for Chris’s tour. Bought mine yesterday and I was shocked. Base prices are fine ($25-35), but at least at the venue I selected, the fees DOUBLED the price of the ticket. Between order fee, a whopping $20 for a facility fee (which I believe is charged by the venue, not Ticketmaster), and an order processing fee, I paid $72. I have a really hard time imagining that ‘Voice’ fans are going to pay $72 to see one artist, even if it’s a popular one like Chris (by comparison, my ticket for The Voice Live on Tour was only like $50).

      1. Isn’t Chris performing in some more “upscale” places rather than your standard venue? those tickets do tend to be expensive because they ensure the audience doesn’t go nuts and you can actually listen to the performer

        I’m more annoyed about the DVDs of his TV special. I’d love to buy it, but there’s not a chance in hell I’m paying $90 (+shipping I guess) just for a DVD. Whoever chose that price tag is either stoned or nuts
        At least I can watch it for free on Tuesday :/

      2. I wouldn’t consider the Grove of Anaheim upscale, but maybe that’s just me. Ha.

        Is the DVD one of those PBS pledge drive things? I’ve always found those to be ridiculous but sometimes you can get the DVD’s separately after.

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