Casey Weston Talks About Her New Album ‘Find the Moon’

Casey Weston

As we excitedly await Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice, the performers from Season 1 are still going strong. Team Adam’s Casey Weston, who advanced to the semifinals of the first cycle, is celebrating the release of her new album Find the Moon, which arrived on February 28. Big Red Chairs recently caught up with Casey to chat about the new album and how she feels about life two years removed from The Voice.

“I really feel like this is me, one hundred percent,” she said of Find the Moon, which is her first record since she appeared on the show. “This was the first album that I did completely. I was involved with everything.  I wrote or co-wrote every song. I produced it so I had the direction. I was really focused on every little detail with this one. I learned so much from this whole album, and I’ve put so much love and work into it. It’s just a huge accomplishment personally.”

Nashville-based Casey has “a few” favorite selections on the record, but asked to name one in particular that Voice fans should take a listen to, “There’s a song called ‘Like You’ and it’s a love song, and I really love it,” she continued. When it comes to evaluating the album as a whole, “Things aren’t perfect because nothing ever is,” she added, “[but] I really think overall it’s amazing.”

“I thought, ‘It’s about time.’ That was the main thought going through my head,” she said of deciding to put out a new release, which she also self-funded. “I’m kind of a perfectionist a little bit. I was waiting and waiting and waiting, and I was just like, you know what, it’s been so long since I’ve put out any music. My fans deserve it. I want it out there and I hope they want it out there too.”

With the debut of the album, Casey has played several shows in the Northeast and is looking into the possibility of a future full-band tour (nothing has been confirmed yet), and says she’d like to open up for other artists. “I really would love to go on tour, maybe opening up for a big country act like Kenny Chesney. I just want to get out there and tour more,” she said, adding with a laugh, “I’d open for Adam [Levine] if he’d have me!”

Levine, of course, was Casey’s coach on The Voice, where she surprised fans by earning his semifinal save over fellow country artist Jeff Jenkins, before losing to eventual winner Javier Colon. In June, it will be two years since the first season ended, and Casey still cherishes what was a groundbreaking experience for all involved. “When I auditioned for The Voice, I had no idea that it was going to be a hit show, no idea who the coaches were going to be, none of that,” she explained. “I thought, ‘I hope it’s going to be a good opportunity and a growing experience.’ And that was one hundred percent what I got. Looking back now, I grew so much in a short period of time. Without that experience, I would not be the person I am today, and I know who I am. I love who I am.”

Casey wasn’t expecting The Voice to make her a star, and she expressed that she’s fine with where her career is today. “I have a lot of faith in what’s meant to be will be. I don’t really worry about the future,” she reflected. “I just kind of look ahead and see what I’m meant to be doing. I want to win a Grammy. That’s it. But everything else is just a cool experience.”

Rather than commercial gain or even critical acclaim, she measures her success by being able to touch other people with her art. “I want to be an artist that people can listen to the music and lose themselves in the song. For some of my lyrics to be able to help someone,” she continued. “I use music for that purpose [and] I just want to be that for some people in their lives.”

Find the Moon is now available on iTunes and other music retailers. You can keep up with Casey at her official website and by following her on Twitter (@casey_weston).

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