Episode Recap: Season 3 Blind Auditions, Part 4

The Voice - Season 4

The rosters are halfway full as we finish the second week of The Voice. Adam has 6 of his 12 artists, Blake 5 of 12, Shakira 7 of 12 and Usher 6 of 12. This has traditionally been the time when the coaches start to get more choosy, guarding their rosters so that they’re not out of the game when someone fantastic comes along. Is that shift going to happen tonight?

As our coaches arrive, with Blake toting one of his many pointy awards and Adam grasping his ever-present coffee (you’d need it too if you were doing two concert tours and a TV show in the same year), we meet Audrey Karrasch, a one-time model who calls herself “obsessed with music.” That makes her at least the second former model to appear on The Voice (see: Erin Martin). Audrey’s version of Jessie J’s “Price Tag” immediately turns Blake’s chair, and Blake is not happy when Usher decides to go in, too.  When Adam starts to make a quip about Blake, Audrey cuts him off.

Audrey: You didn’t even turn around. Why do you care?

This dismissal wins her brownie points with Blake, but after very little discussion, Audrey abruptly announces that Usher is her coach. Adam asks Blake how it feels to have his ass handed to him.

Second to sing is Brandon Roush (not to be confused with Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh), who not only has a band but also teaches music to kids with autism. Brandon chooses The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends,” which Team Adam covered so very well in the first season. Shakira is the only coach to turn for Brandon, so he defaults to her team. Adam and Blake are surprised by Brandon’s appearance.

Adam: He looks like he’s in Megadeth. That’s awesome.

The third artist up is street musician Betsy Barta, who sings Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain.” There really needs to be a moratorium on Adele songs on this show, unless Adele herself shows up. Her songs have been done quite a few times – Erin Willett and Kim Yarbrough both come to mind, and Betsy’s version isn’t comparable to either of theirs. Usher is the first coach of the season to utter the line about looking for something “very specific,” which means the coaches are getting more picky. At least Betsy gets a hug from Adam on the way out. Her failed audition leads into the montage of several other unlucky singers.

Can Patrick Dodd make a better impression? The dude with dreadlocks from Memphis sings, appropriately, Marc Cohn’s classic “Walking In Memphis,” and does a wonderful job of it. Half the people in the audience have probably never heard this song before, but it doesn’t matter. Shakira emphatically slams on her button, and Adam follows right behind her. The two of them compare themselves in front of their prospective artist.

Shakira: Never underestimate the five-foot-three Colombian woman.
Adam: Never underestimate a six foot tall white boy from L.A.

Like many artists before him, Patrick decides to make this crucial decision by gut instinct, and signs up with Team Adam. We then briefly meet Trevor Davis, who joins Team Blake, and C. Perkins of Team Shakira. Agina Alvarez comes back after her unsuccessful audition in Season 3, sings a Shakira song, and ends up on Team Adam. Seriously, why can’t NBC just show all the performances by now?

Escaping the montage treatment is Orlando Dixon and his take on Ne-Yo’s “So Sick,” which prompts the camera to hover on Usher since he’s also an R&B artist. Just before Orlando finishes his last line, Usher decides to push his button, making Orlando an automatic member of Team Usher. This blows his mind, since he grew up listening to Usher, whom he refers to as his idol. Congratulations, Orlando!

There’s just one artist left tonight, and that’s Savannah Berry, who once sang with Sugarland. Savannah’s take on Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” draws Adam, Shakira and Blake, in that order. But Savannah’s wearing cowboy boots, so you know what that means. She cites both Miranda Lambert and Adam as two of her musical influences, so take that as you will. Shakira thinks Adam and Blake might be almost deaf after three prior seasons. Blake name-drops like nobody’s business, before suggesting that he and Miranda might adopt Savannah, causing Adam to faceplant the front of his chair.

Adam: Blake, she doesn’t need parenting. She needs coaching.

But Savannah’s not listening. Like almost every other country artist, she joins Team Blake. Blake didn’t even have to pull out his latest pointy award.

The final totals are in, and they are Team Adam 8, Team Blake 7, Team Shakira 9 and Team Usher 8. The Adam Levine Expletive Counter stands firm at 2. See you next week for even more chair-turning action!

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6 thoughts on “Episode Recap: Season 3 Blind Auditions, Part 4

  1. I know things can easily change in the battles or live show but as things stand I really hope Carson’s “we left the best talent for the end” isn’t just hype because otherwise watching this season is going to be a total chore. The teams are halfway full and I think I don’t really care about a single contestant. There’s maybe 2 I kinda liked (Judith and Savannah) but even they aren’t all that exciting and, like everyone else this season, they pale in comparison to people from other seasons.
    I don’t know if it’s because we’re getting too many seasons together, because the talent scouts just didn’t have enough time to find better contestants or if I just miss Cee Lo and Christina more than I though I did, but this season has been pretty boring so far IMO. I actually downloaded both of this week’s episode while they were still on just so I could skip to the performances as fast as possible… and even after doing that I still skipped some of them

    1. Tonight was one of the weaker nights, IMO. I got really excited about “Walking In Memphis,” because I love that song, but I was not particularly impressed by anyone. Then again…I always bite my tongue because you never know. Rarely has my favorite contestant at the end been my favorite at the beginning (except for like Javier Colon and Chris Mann). I think I was a little hard on Tony Lucca at the beginning of season two and honestly I adore the guy now. So…we’ll see, I guess.

    2. I wonder if the accelerated timeline might have hurt the talent pool. These blind auditions were filmed at the same time as s3’s live shows (to accommodate Shakira’s pregnancy), whereas previous seasons actually finished before they started the following season’s regional auditions. I don’t know how many people were ready to turn their attention to a new season when the current one was nearing its climax. As for the coaches, both Adam and Blake have said that the “vibe” is definitely different, and it shows. Usher is cool, but he isn’t funny, and Shakira’s cute, but she’s not the tour de force that Christina was, so the banter seems to have lost some of the edginess that had people wondering if the arguing was real or not. On the other hand, the ratings are doing well, so this might be what people want – less attention on the coaches’ bantering/craziness.

      1. Ratings have been steadily going up every season tough, so I dunno if that really shows that people care less about the contestants than the coaches’ banter (especially if you think the new viewers are people who jumped ship from AI)
        IMO the problem is that the talent scouts had less time to find good contestants and sort through the people who did audition, so more “average” singers got through to the blinds

    1. Yep. But it doesn’t surprise me; I can speak from experience and say he’s got a huge heart. He’s hugged me while I’ve cried a few times!

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