Postmortem: Season 4 Live Playoffs, May 13-14

Coverage for May 13 and 14:




13 thoughts on “Postmortem: Season 4 Live Playoffs, May 13-14

  1. Interesting comment from Carson. Is he suggesting that Shakira is not giving the sort of critical feedback that the artists want?

    1. I don’t believe he meant specifically her. We were talking about the whole panel this year and I think he was using Christina as an example of being more critical.

      1. Interesting. I thought Usher (and Adam) did contribute some critical feedback. Christina’s comments sometimes come across as mean-spirited, even if she didn’t intend it that way. Most of the internet comments I’ve seen are not happy with her return.

      2. I think that’s a fair assessment. But the more I think on this it seems like Shakira and Usher were always kind of seen as just stopgaps until Christina and Cee Lo came back? They were making rumblings about coming back even before they left. I’m sure that there were contingencies if they didn’t, but it feels like the intent was always to have them back regardless of feedback.

        And honestly I don’t think the hiatus away accomplished much for either of them. Cee Lo’s residency didn’t seem to make a big splash, and I know Lotus got mixed reviews. Did Christina even announce a tour? I know she mentioned touring as one of the reasons why she was leaving, but I did not see a corresponding tour for her album.

      3. She did not. She sold her house and started exercising. Also, I think she went to Japan, which makes me think she’s leaving Lotus and possibly turning her attention to a previously-mused-about Tokyo pop album. I saw that Cee Lo’s doing a second round of his residency in the fall (between tapings?) and he’s got some sort of reality show on cable, in addition to his two albums (Goodie and solo).

        I’m curious about Adam and Blake’s thoughts on the switch back. A lot of internet comments have said they like how the s4 panel fits together, but Is it just me, or does it seem like Adam and Blake’s bantering is on a totally different level than those involving Shakira or Usher, like they’re sometimes talking over them?

      4. I’m sure Blake will be asked about it a billion times on Tuesday. He’s doing interviews post-show this week. As for the banter, there’s a lot of “us vs. them” jokes, but I think maybe that comes from just having known each other so long. I’ve known my best friend for more than 10 years and when we’re together we’re usually joking on some other level even though we’re not necessarily trying to.

        I’m not thrilled about the switch either, but it’s happening so I suppose we deal with it. I will miss Shakira, not just as a coach but as a person. She was so sweet to me when we interviewed together. Christina I’ve never even been able to speak to.

      5. Ha, yes. I’m just excited to meet Usher this week. I want to see how he is. He sounds like he could be funny but also very straightforward, too.

      6. BTW – Entertainment Weekly has posted an article that Shakira and Usher are in negotiations for season 6. If true, then The Voice will be set for another year (unlike two other singing competitions on Fox).

      7. Hmm. I’ll have to see if Usher will address that when I interview him next Tuesday. That would be interesting if they have like two rotating groups – like Christina and Cee Lo in the fall and Shakira and Usher in the spring. The question is, who do you get to replace Adam and Blake? I don’t see them able to keep doing two cycles a year. They’re the two more popular ones, and Adam’s already doing two full concert tours plus two seasons this year.

      8. Maybe his new deal with NBC is part of the package for staying on. I think Blake has said that he’ll stay on as long as Adam is there, too. It’s very apparent that Adam and Blake really know what they’re doing with their teams.

      9. Totally. I’m just marveling at how they’ve stayed so long (grateful for it, but marveling, too).

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