Service Announcement

A few of you have commented asking about the delays in posting interviews, or noting that I’m not carrying as many interviews as I usually do. I wanted to let you know the 411.

My new deal with means that they have first rights on all my red-carpet interviews. As such I have to wait (usually until Wednesday) to see what they choose to publish. I can then shop those to other outlets, like Fanhattan and Starpulse…but then I have to wait again until they publish. So, I’m still doing every interview, but it’s a longer process for you to be able to see them.

Rest assured, no matter how long it takes, I will publish every artist interview I’m given. I remain committed to giving every Voice artist their…erm, voice. However I have to do that and however long it takes.

2 thoughts on “Service Announcement

    1. Thanks! And I know, I’m missing being able to run right to the Interwebs with stuff, too. I feel so badly that I have whole interviews you guys haven’t seen yet. But, I guess it’s the price I pay to…well, get paid. That paycheck comes with new rules of the game.

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