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The Voice

She may not have made it through the battle rounds in Season 3 of The Voice, but Paulina Cerrilla is keeping busy, not only as a musical artist but also as an actress. The Team Christina singer is now one of the stars of the musical short film String Theory, which is currently trying to pull together production funding on Kickstarter. BFTV recently phoned Paulina to learn all about String Theory and talk about her life after The Voice.

“It’s been a wonderful journey,” she enthused, “because ever since The Voice, I have more people recognizing me. It kind of gives you more credibility. It’s helped me a lot in my music career and also my acting career.”

“When I heard about String Theory and how amazing it was, how music is such a big part of it, I read the script and I was like ‘I really want to do this,'” continued Paulina, who plays the character Aurora in the film written and directed by Jonathan Pezza. “Music is intertwined in every single character’s life.

“What really attracted me to it was you have three main characters and they never meet necessarily. Their stories are completely separate. I meet Patsy [played by Abraham Benrubi, ER] once but I never meet Yun [Thien Nguyen]. And we all unknowingly influence each other throughout the film. Everything comes in a full circle. It’s brilliantly, brilliantly written and the music is all [woven] in there. It’s very real and from the heart.”

The film’s creative team is so passionate about the project that they’re taking some pretty big steps to pitch it to the public. On the movie’s official website, you can view the entire screenplay, so that you know exactly what you’re investing into. They’re also planning to release a corresponding EP of the film’s music on iTunes. And if that’s not enough, Paulina teased that select Kickstarter backers who pledge a mere $3 will get a digital download of the song “About Home” that won’t be included on that EP.

“I loved my fans so much that I just really wanted to do a fully produced version,” she said. “So for a limited time, during the Kickstarter campaign, we’re actually offering the fully produced song that you won’t be able to get on iTunes.” You can pledge through Kickstarter until June 29.

String Theory isn’t Paulina’s first venture into acting. “I’ve been acting for a really long time. I got my start in musical theater when I was like nine years old,” she told us. “But the main reason why I haven’t been doing a lot of acting was I literally looked the same way for the past four years. Here I was a 14-year-old looking like she was 19. So it was a little bit difficult for me to get 14-year-old parts. I’ve kind of grown into my age. I’ve gotten a chance to get more acting jobs.”

She’s hoping String Theory will also boost her resume: “It’s so different from who I am [and] who people know me to be,” she continued. “It’ll show that I take acting very seriously because I’m playing a completely different character.”

Yet even she dives into acting, Paulina told us she won’t let go of her music career, either. “I’m going to do both,” she said. “I’m super-excited about String Theory and I’m planning on continuing my acting career [but] I’m totally not going to let the music drop. I’m working it out on recording. I’m just now starting to kick it up back on YouTube. What’s really cool that [The Voice] didn’t talk about, I’m Mexican, so I plan to use my Hispanic influences in my music. It shows a lot in my YouTube videos.” On Paulina’s YouTube channel (itsmepaulina), you can find all her videos, including a performance of “About Home.”

With the movie in front of her, she added that she also appreciates the show that came before. “The Voice has sent nothing but positive things my way,” she  told us. “I’m so grateful I did it.” Now Paulina has the opportunity to bring her positive energy and can-do attitude to the rest of the entertainment world, and we’ll be watching to see what she does next.

If you’re interested in supporting String Theory, you can visit the film’s Kickstarter page or official website. You can keep up with Paulina via her website ( or on Twitter (@itsmepaulina7).

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12 thoughts on “Artist Update: Paulina Cerrilla

  1. I honestly don’t remember Paulina at all. Was she a montage victim

    I’ve been watching the s1 and s2 semis and it’s brought back memories that I almost forgot, like Alison Haislip and the old format (audience vote + coach’s score). I do remember that the current format seemed a result of having both Juliet and Jamar on the same team, and possibly how Adam tilted his score to override the audience vote. Did you know that Jermaine has released a new single? It’s called “Everyone in the World.” I listened to the first 1:30 and it sounds really good, better than his previous singles. I wonder when his s2 winner’s album is coming out (now that s4 is almost finished)? BTW – did Universal sign anyone else from s3 besides Cassidee? I saw that Terry signed with a UK label.

    1. Not sure. I remember watching her duet with Dez at some point.

      As for Jermaine, I had no idea, which isn’t good (for me or for him!). I still have not seen a release date for his album. Unfortunately, I think it may be too late by this point. Die-hard fans like myself will give it a listen, but for the casual fans, they’re on to the winners of seasons 3 and 4, if not 5 by the time the album drops. And even if you put that aside, other artists from season 2 have kind of stolen the spotlight (Chris Mann, Juliet Simms, Tony Lucca’s album is on the way, and we’ve seen releases from a few others).

      I don’t believe Universal snagged anyone other than Cassadee but I believe a few folks did pick up deals elsewhere. Terry’s on that UK label, and I think someone told me Melanie Martinez landed somewhere, too.

      1. I feel bad for Jermaine. He seems a good guy with a family and both talent and experience. But between the Juliet-Jamar and Tony-Katrina competitions within their respective teams, and Chris singing at a whole other level, Jermaine’s just one of many from that season, not a clear winner. It’s too bad.

      2. Yeah, and I think he missed any chance to distinguish himself by taking so long to release an album. Singles aren’t bad, but especially having his first single be a cover? When you have that first shot post-show to say “This is who I am as an artist,” a cover just felt like a missed opportunity to me. But, we’ll give the album a listen whenever it gets here and see.

        I’m going to see Chris on tour later this year and possibly Tony as well. I’m excited for those shows. Just interviewed Tony when he was on last week, and it was obvious how happy he is with where he’s at right now. I’m so happy for him.

      3. As I understand it there were rumors Adam was going to sign Melanie to his label like he did Tony, but I don’t think anything came out of it (though I honestly don’t know because I was never a fan of Melanie)

        Honestly the s03 “cast” has had a weird post show career. There’s quite a few critics that say s03 had the best group of contestants in the show’s history and yet only Terry got signed (plus Cassadee, of course). Hopefully this doesn’t mean record labels are wary of signing contestants based on the show’s track record

      4. I was going to ask Adam about that (Melanie) last week, but wasn’t able to talk to him. I’d actually love to see him sign Javier Colon. Javier’s voice is truly amazing, and he and Adam worked so well together.

        I actually think S2 was stronger than S3, but there does seem to have been a definite downturn in deals for these guys and gals. I think that might just be oversaturation all the way around though? I remember reading some article about how Disney usually had some big celebration for the AI winner at Walt Disney World but this time it wasn’t anything at all. It wouldn’t be implausible for the public (and by extension record labels) to be burned out on reality folks altogether. There seems to be a weird dysfunction where people rave about artists while they’re on the show, then stop caring when the show ends. It seems like more fans are into the show than the artists.

      5. AI imploded. They’re cutting their post-show tour short. It’s a business and everyone’s looking for a new big seller. UMG signed 4 from s1 right away but none reached that level of sales. s2 was real slow and cautious. Chris was signed right away and seemed to get the winner’s treatment (TV shows, etc.). I didn’t hear anything about Juliet until Cee Lo took her under his wing. I wonder if Cee Lo advocated for her to get her signed to UMG. Same thought regarding RaeLynn and Blake and Miranda. I haven’t heard anything about Jamar, and Katrina seems to have been set adrift. s3 had its share of great talent but again, I haven’t heard anything about Trevin Hunte, who I thought would have been the most likely to be signed, given his youth and big voice. My personal favorite was Bryan Keith, possibly in the style of Michael Buble. Maybe they decided to do a blanket pass on everybody, counting on Cassadee to finally break through?

      6. Yeah, IA is a mess right now. Apparently they also had to cancel a bunch of tour dates because of low ticket sales (which most people agree is the producer’s fault for choosing so many weak male contestants to make the girls look better)

        And you’re probably right that the label was just waiting to see if Cassadee did well before signing someone else from the show. Chris may be doing well but he’s in a niche genre so they probably ignore his success and Vicci has been getting a lot of spins but I don’t think it translated to sales.
        Guess if Cassadee’s album does as well as her singles that’ll help a few people from s04 get signed… or at least it’ll help the country contestants (or at least that’s what I guess. haven’t been watching this season so no idea how marketable they are)

      7. Both the country finalists should at least get a shot somewhere. The Swon Brothers have personality and energy that has helped them outlast other artists who were more technically superior. And Danielle is like every reality show’s dream, basically. Not only does she have legitimate talent, but she’s adorable and she has the feel-good story of being a complete unknown who’s (likely) going to win the entire show.

        I’d love to see Amber Carrington land somewhere, too. She’s a country artist technically, but we also got to see her do pop, rock and more classic country. And having gotten to know her, she’s got a fantastic personality.

  2. Amber’s on tricky ground. She’ll need to pick a genre (modern country seems pretty flexible) and stick with it until she’s established. After that, she can branch out to other genres, but not before. (If you haven’t seen her performances of “Skyfall” and Patsy Cline’s “Crazy,” you should.)

    The only way Danielle will lose is if the Swon Brothers split the country vote. (It looks like everybody sold real well on iTunes, last night.) I’ve been impressed with how well she’s held up under the increased workload, not getting sick or out-of-tune like past finalists. She has a great voice, always accurate, and she projects her voice very well. Somebody will have to watch after her and make sure she doesn’t fall into the usual trouble as she grows older. (I saw something about Justin Bieber sideswiping a pedestrian, this morning?) The one I’m curious about is Michelle. She doesn’t really fall straight into any genre, so if she doesn’t win, will UMG sign her?

    1. I’ve been following Amber all season. I absolutely love her range. As a die-hard Bond fan, I actually was shocked that Adam chose “Skyfall” for her, but she nailed it. Loved it.

      I think Michelle is definitely deserving of a record deal but I worry about that too. She has a very specific look and very specific performing style. I would say she’s not as malleable as other artists. Would that be a problem from a business standpoint? Who knows. But talent-wise, she deserves a shot.

      1. Speaking of Bieber, I see that Usher’s mentee has been doing the “celebrity sway” thing on Twitter to help Michelle. This should be interesting. I think Danielle will get a record deal, either way, so this may be the best way Michelle will get one, too…(?)

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