Season 4 Finale Interviews

The Voice - Season 4

The rest of my Season 4 finale interviews are now posted across the interwebs:

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  1. You don’t list it here, but you have a great article about Paul and “The Voice” Band. Great photo. I once saw Paul on another TV show where Adam Lambert was coaching kid and teen singers, and they actually showed Paul speaking to those singers, too. (It seems like, on The Voice, he’s just the guy who somehow is always behind the piano at every rehearsal.)

    I am amazed at how flexible they are in working with the artists who want to make a song their own, even for the blind auditions (like Rebecca Loebe or Lindsey Pavao). UMG should offer them a CD of their own. I bet people who buy it. There’s always room for quality instrumental music (kind of like Barry White’s backup orchestra back in the 70’s).

    1. Yep, had to update the post. Fun part of working for other outlets now is I have no idea when they post things.

      Did you know The Voice Band played on Nicholas David’s new EP? And Paul produced it, I believe. I thought that was really cool that they would do that. I’m really curious how that came about.

      1. Speaking of Nicholas’ EP, did you see that it debuted at 44 in Billboard’s 200? I think it surprised everyone but he’s charted higher than any Voice contestant.
        Kinda funny that a lot of people think the producer’s put all their hopes in Cassadee selling well because she was so marketable and yet Nicholas (who people said best represented the show last season) seems to have quietly outsold her

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