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The Voice - Season 4

You can’t keep a good man off the stage. Tony Lucca is currently in the middle of his second headlining tour in two years, enjoying the release of his fantastic new EP, and opening for Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson on select dates of the Honda Civic Tour. That busy schedule hasn’t changed that Tony is still one of the coolest guys in the music business. BFTV snagged a few minutes with him on Saturday to chat about the ‘With The Whole World Watching’ tour.

“It’s always good to get back out with new tunes,” he told us. “Last fall we went out, and being that I basically went the whole year last year without recording, I didn’t have anything new except songs from [The Voice]. To come back this time with new originals, it makes it special.”

The tour takes its name from Tony’s EP, which was released on July 16. As previously teased, it reflects more of the sound that Tony found through his live show performances during season two of the hit NBC series. It has that same level of energy, with catchy first single “Never Gonna Let You Go” being the earworm of the summer, and “Never In A Million” serving as a nice anthem for anyone who’s ever been in a bad relationship. These are songs that will put a smile on your face without a doubt.

If you haven’t listened to the new music yet, here’s Tony’s performance of lead single “Never Gonna Let You Go” from this past season of The Voice.

Tony did tell us on a few occasions that this release would be a departure for him, so now that it’s out, is he happy that he made the break? “I definitely got the reaction I was hoping to get and in some cases, the reaction I pretty much anticipated,” he explained. “By and large, folks were really quick to embrace the new music. Creatively, I think we nailed it. I feel really proud of the record. As far as me venturing into a more mainstream sound, I think we accomplished that with flying colors. I think it’s still me. It’s not for everybody and I knew that going into it.”

With the progress he’s made in the year-plus since he was in the national spotlight, it’s “Definitely a new era,” he continued. “Headlining tours, that’s a big deal. Before I used to go out on joint bills with other artists. I did a lot of opening for other artists. And that’s all great, but it’s constantly working toward the next thing. With the success of the show there was a little more name recognition all around.

“Now I’ve got my own tour vehicle and my own merch stockpile. I’ve got a full time band that’s out with me now. All these things. That’s definitely all new territory – and welcome territory. It allows me to work a little harder at what I do and not have to wear so many hats. And I really enjoy that. It’s really nice to have such a catalog to pull from as well now, from the old records, from the Voice stuff and now the new material. It’s been great to pull my set list together every night and there’s options. It’s a really great time.”

Fans who come to see Tony at any of his remaining shows will have the opportunity to purchase a physical copy of With The Whole World Watching, which is only available on tour dates or at his website. They can also check out his new Snaps app, which allows folks to take a photo and then superimpose any number of layers, including trying on Tony’s trademark fedora or his beard.  That can be found here, and it’s another example of how Tony’s profile has risen of recent.

Doors are definitely opening for Tony that he didn’t necessarily expect a few years ago. Take, for instance, the time he got to open for OneRepublic. “At the beginning of the tour, we were getting ready to go to rehearse for the tour. The band came up to Michigan. And [I] got a last minute opportunity to open for OneRepublic. It was just kind of a weird organic thing that happened through a friend of mine that works for Live Nation.

“I know Ryan Tedder and we’ve kind of swapped tweets and texts and things over the last couple years, but to get this opportunity to share the stage with them was really pretty cool,” he continued. “And my band was there. They were backstage watching my set, and they said Ryan had come to watch the set from the wings and was tweeting about my performance. That felt good, because it was kind of in front of a hometown crowd.”

He’s since relocated with his family to Nashville, and even though he’s set to tour through the end of 2013, still has an eye toward the full-length album that is on its way in the future. “You try and make the most of the time,” Tony said. “I’ve never been terribly disciplined about writing on the road. Any downtime you get, you kind of want to treat it as such.

“Now that I’m in Nashville, I just have so many talented writers at my disposal. The downtime that I do have in between these various runs of touring, I’m back at the drawing board. We’ve got a handful of additional songs that we’re going to track for the album and a few more to come.”

Although he’s making big strides in his career, and his music is certainly evolving, one thing that isn’t any different is Tony himself. He’s still a hard-working musician who is constantly working to improve at his craft, and makes an effort to be connected to his fan base, whether it’s through social media or his website, which is reaching a milestone. “We celebrate 15 years this year, which is pretty cool, I think,” Tony said, adding with a chuckle, “In that 15 years, there’s been a lot of ebb and flow.” Yet now, with all of his efforts finally having been recognized and his music better than ever, he’s got nowhere to go but up for the forseeable future.

Tony Lucca’s EP With The Whole World Watching is available now; you can click here to download it on iTunes. Tour dates and tickets are available via his website ( and you can also follow Tony on Twitter (@luccadoes).

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