Chris Cauley’s ‘My Turn’ EP Out Now

Chris Cauley

Congratulations to our friend Chris Cauley, from Team Adam Season 2, whose EP My Turn is now available. It officially drops tomorrow, September 3, but has already hit iTunes. You can download the EP by clicking here.

Chris told us all about My Turn in our interview in May. “This EP has really consumed everything. We’ve been working kind of on and off since November to be honest,” he told us then. “Basically what we did, we kind of went back to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and who I’m just the biggest fan of. The whole theme when recording was ‘What would Michael do?’ It’s a very, very musical EP, but a five-year-old could sing along to it because it has the hooks that pop music does. It’s kind of got a Michael Jackson meets Maroon 5 meets The Jackson 5 sound.” You can read the full interview with Chris by clicking here.

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to head over to @chriscauley and use the hashtag #MyTurnCC to congratulate him on finishing this labor of love!

Photo Credit: Dash Photography