New Music From Juliet Simms

Season 2 runner-up Juliet Simms has posted a new song to SoundCloud entitled “A Heart Doesn’t Beat On Its Own.” Give it a listen below.

(And if you’ve gone to see the Jason Sudeikis-Jennifer Aniston comedy We’re The Millers, you may have heard Juliet’s first single “Wild Child” in the flick. No surprise, since Juliet’s signed to Universal Republic Records!)

2 thoughts on “New Music From Juliet Simms

  1. I actually wanted to ask, do we know what Voice artists are still signed to Universal Republic? Because I checked their website a while ago and the only ones listed are Chris, Cassadee, RaeLynn and Vicci (Danielle is listed in Big Machine’s website). I’m not sure if Juliet was ever added to their website, but it’s kinda worrying that Dia and Jermaine aren’t listed :S

    1. Their website’s always been off. When Juliet appeared on the show after ‘Wild Child’ came out, I asked her directly about her not being on the Universal website and she told me she was with them (she was actually pretty surprised they didn’t have her listed).

      Having said that, off the top of my head, I can’t confirm or deny anyone that isn’t listed. I haven’t checked in with Dia’s camp in awhile, Jermaine seems like he’s just been in limbo (still no release date on that album). Let me see what I can find out.

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