Service Announcement

Happy Monday, The Voice fans! I hope you’re all excited for next week’s Season 5 premiere. Unfortunately, with that comes a bit of news about the future of this site.

As you might know, I have run Big Red Chairs entirely by myself since it was launched more than two years ago. That means I’ve single-handedly done every interview, every episode recap, every news story, and every update of the concert calendar and album catalog. But now we’re into Season 5, and due to the sheer number of artists I now have to keep track of plus the time I have to devote to my professional commitment to report on the show for NBC, I’ve come to the realization that I can no longer do everything on my own. There just isn’t enough time in my schedule anymore.

Best as I can figure out, I have three options: to limit the number of artists that I cover going forward, to update the site on a monthly basis only, or to enlist the help of other folks to pick up the slack. The first idea goes squarely against the entire reason I founded this blog in the first place, and the second just doesn’t feel right, so therefore I’m reaching out to you for assistance.

I need people who are willing to send in Voice news, be it concert dates (especially concert dates), new music, and other updates from your favorite artists that you find on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere. I simply don’t have the time anymore to check over 100 social media accounts and artist websites each week to keep the site promptly up to date. You can email anything and everything you find to me at

If you have any other suggestions, too, I’m happy to hear them. I appreciate your support of the site and of me more than you know, and am always committed to making sure every Voice artist gets that same backing from me. If this thing has gotten too big for me to handle, well, that’s a pretty great problem to have.