Artist Update: Caroline Glaser

Caroline Glaser

Caroline Glaser charmed a national audience during Season 4 of The Voice, and now she’s determined to carry that success into an off-camera career. BFTV chatted with Caroline during a recent West Coast stop to ask her about her favorite experiences from the hit NBC show and what it’s like to step away from the television spotlight.

“I’ve had like so many opportunities after the show. I really lucked out in that way,” she explained. “I signed with a booking agent like right after I got eliminated from the show. He’s awesome [and ]started booking me shows. Things have been going amazing.”

When we spoke to Caroline, she was days away from heading into the recording studio as well. As far as the specifics of hearing new music from her, “It’s kind of up in the air,” she continued. “I know I’ll have something released within the end of the year [or] the next couple of months. It’s going to be like a three or four song EP.”

But she’s got a perfectly good reason to take her time with the music – starting this Wednesday, Caroline will be joining the famous male a cappella group Straight No Chaser on the road, serving as their opening act on select tour dates. You can find out if she’ll be in your city and get tickets to a show by visiting the group’s website.

As far as her own career, she told us that she got what she was hoping for and then some out of her experience on The Voice. “I got so much more,” she enthused. “It was kind of a shot in the dark for me to audition. All I’d done was open mic nights at a coffee shop before that. Every level that I passed, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, how am I still here?’ Coming out, being able to play shows and have a fan base and be in the middle of making an EP, it’s so exciting. It’s completely changed my life.”

She had the uneviable task of singing against eventual season winner Danielle Bradbery in the battle rounds, but Caroline earned a special place in our hearts with her soulful renditions of selections like “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran – who ironically is now an advisor for Team Christina in Season 5. Wonder if he’s seen this wonderful take on his song?

Caroline had the opportunity to work with both parts of The Voice‘s famous bromance, as she began the show as a member of Team Blake but joined Team Adam after the battle rounds. So naturally, we asked her to tell us her favorite story about either of her coaches.

“I actually have a Blake and Adam story,” she laughed. “It was during the live playoffs. It was right before Blake and Shakira went up to perform. They were on stage and Adam went over to Blake’s chair. He grabbed Blake’s coffee cup and he took a big gulp – and he started like dry heaving. He’s like ‘It’s whiskey!'” Now you know what might be in Blake Shelton’s cup, kids.

Being exposed to a national audience was a game-changer for this talented performer, who never quite expected this level of attention. “I’ve been like a bit ordinary before the show. I’ve always had a passion for music, but I wasn’t doing anything crazy with it. Kind of like your average student,” Caroline reflected.

Now she’s looking at life as a professional musician. “I just want to make a living touring and making music. I don’t want to be a huge superstar,” she told us. “I want to be successful. Where I’m at, I’m on a good road for that.”

Check out Caroline’s latest cover video below and follow her on Twitter (@carolineglaser). New episodes of The Voice continue tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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