Artist Update: Amber Carrington

The Voice - Season 4

The biggest surprise in Season 4 of The Voice was Amber Carrington, who started the show as an aspiring country artist and rose to become an amazing all-around performer under the guidance of coach Adam Levine. Not only was she talented, but offstage she was also one of the show’s most enjoyable personalities. BFTV recently caught up with Amber to talk about how her career and life have been after finishing in The Voice‘s top five.

“I got more than I ever imagined from The Voice,” she told us. “I learned so much about myself as not only an artist but as a person and I grew incredible amounts through out the experience. What I will take with me most is the fans that I gained and the friends – cast and crew – who I became so close to. Those relationships will go on forever. I love my fans!”

What was her favorite experience on the national stage? “The first thing I always think of is the moment I performed ‘Skyfall.’ It was such an epic peak in the show for me, and I will always wish that I could go back in time to that moment,” she said. “I felt so free and fierce – it was incredible!”

Almost immediately after her time on the hit NBC series ended, Amber’s career started moving forward. “The next morning after the wrap party and all the festivities of the finale, I woke up still in the same hotel I had been in for months,” she said, “only now with plans to travel right back to the Universal lot to participate in a show called Home & Family on the Hallmark channel. That was a pretty fun experience…very different from The Voice but I did get to perform and be involved in another TV show.

“Normal life after that was a bit of a drag for like a week,” she added, “but then I got right back up on my feet and started making small trips to Nashville and then finally decided to pack up and move here!” Nashville being the home to many former The Voice artists, including another Team Adam member, Season 2 finalist Tony Lucca.

Since settling in her new city, Amber has stayed busy. “[I’ve] been writing a ton – with a few Voice friends,” she said. “I got a booking agent finally to help me sort through all the inquiries. I feel so grown up now, because I even have an attorney. I have also signed with Fusion Music management group, and am being managed by the same man who managed Lady Antebellum in the past, Daniel Miller. I am building my team of people around me to represent my music and business when approached by record labels and [for] publishing deals!”

She’s lined up more than a few gigs, too. Amber is singing the National Anthem for several NFL teams during October, including the Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers. She’s playing several shows in those areas as well. so be sure you check her website ( to see when and where she’ll be performing near you.

What’s been the most memorable event that she’s been a part of? “The coolest thing that has happened to me since The Voice was definitely getting to sing ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline alongside Vince Gill and The Time Jumpers at 3rd and Lindsley for my first real live performance in Nashville,” she added. “That was just so incredible!”

Of course, fans always want to know if Voice artists will re-team with their coaches after the show is over, so we asked Amber if that’s in the cards for her, too. “I do have Adam’s number, you know?” she told us. “So I have texted him a bit about things that are going on in my career [and] about his recent engagement. Other than that, we have remained friends, but no plans to work together just yet.”

Amber has also stayed in touch with her longtime supporters, especially the folks at LaRue Chic Boutique in Texas, where she worked prior to her appearance on The Voice. “LaRue Chic Boutique is one of my most favorite places to go and shop! I love the atmosphere and the people who work there. It’s just full of energy and color, which both make me very happy!,” she enthused. “They have become my clothing sponsor and also my merchandise designers. All my merchandise plus other super cute items can be found on their website at

“I am so excited to be a part of LaRue’s very first annual Pinktoberfest,” she added. “This is a breast cancer awareness festival with tons of raffles, auctions, a traveling mammogram truck and a live concert!” You can find more information on Pinktoberfest, which happens this Thursday, October 24, by visiting the official event page on the LaRue website.

From there, the sky’s the limit. “After October my schedule will slow down a lot!” Amber continued. “I am going to be focusing on writing great songs and getting a publishing deal. Then [I’ll] gather up all the right songs and take [them] to record label showcases to look for a record deal, and finally get new music out for all my sweet patient fans! Whether this will all happen before the year is out or in ten years, no one knows.”

Empowered and energized, Amber is excited for her future, and continuing to share her positive energy with everyone around her. Asked what advice she’d pass on to our readers, “Be confident in the person that you are!” she enthused. “In any career path or life challenge that you face, you have to look at yourself and love what you see. Everyone could use a little tweaking ,but overall, love the person that you are and see yourself for greatness. As soon as you can find that happiness within you, then you will attract beautiful things.”

You can keep up with Amber by visiting her website ( and following her on Twitter (@ambercarrington).

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