Artist Update: Tony Lucca

The Voice - Season 4

It’s been a productive year for Tony Lucca. Since the last time we saw him on The Voice, he’s released his fantastic EP With The Whole World Watching, and traveled across the country bringing new music to his fans. Tonight, he’ll be visiting Last Call with Carson Daly. BFTV caught up with Tony before his recent West Coast tour to get his thoughts on how everything’s been going so far.

Just exactly how much time on the road has he logged of recent? “I spent the first part of the year in the studio working on the EP and waiting for that to come out,” he explained. “The tour kicked off back in August, and then we followed that up with [the] Honda Civic [Tour].”

That meant opening on select dates for Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5, which of course is fronted by Tony’s former Voice coach, Adam Levine. “It was amazing. But the word bittersweet kind of comes to mind, simply in that we only got six shows. I’m not complaining, but when it’s that much fun, you certainly wish you had more shows,” Tony said of the experience. “I would’ve loved to have played the Hollywood Bowl. That’s a dream of mine. Being the first of three is tough, but we certainly made the most of it. We had a really great time out there.”

Now he’s back to his own touring endeavors. Starting tomorrow in New York, Tony joins his friend Brendan James for what they’re calling the ‘Keys, Strings and Band of Kings’ tour, that will run through mid-November. “We’re doing like a co-headlining thing,” he told us. “We’re kind of just going to turn it into one big show, as opposed to him opening for me and me opening for him. We largely have separate audiences, and instead of running that risk of one of us playing to the other’s fans or not, we’re just going to meld our show into one thing.

“His band and my band are going to join forces,” he continued. “He and I are going to share the front stage and tag team songs. Strip it down to him and his band, me and my band, just him, just me and build it back up. Make a production of it. An actual, proper, dynamic show.” You can find all the tour dates and get tickets to the shows by clicking here.

As we previously reported, joining Tony and Brendan on tour will be another Voice finalist, Team Cee Lo’s Vicci Martinez. “We knew we wanted a female opener, and we were throwing around some names. We were talking about Lindsey Pavao at one point,” said Tony. “Turns out my manager and Vicci’s manager are old chums, and it came up in conversation.”

With the EP giving him plenty of material to draw on, there’s less need to draw from his Voice selections on this tour than there has been previously, though he’s not eschewed them entirely. “We’re still kind of bridging that,” he explained. “We’re not doing all the songs from the show. Depending on the crowd, the night, the length of our set, we might play ‘Trouble’ and the Britney [Spears] song. We’ve been closing out with ’99 Problems’ still, because it’s just a fun way to end the show.”

It’s not just touring that Tony has to look forward to. In addition to his Last Call appearance, he’s enjoying the continued success of lead single “Never Gonna Let You Go,” which is doing well on the airwaves. “It’s kind of like, surprisingly, a last-minute little engine that could at radio,” Tony revealed. “The single’s kind of creeping up the Hot AC chart.” And to that end, he’s logging some radio touring time on behalf of the track, which also now has an official music video that you can check out below.

He’s also continuing his tradition of contributing to the greater good. His charity The M.I.L.E. (Music Is Love Exchange) is planning a trip to Guatemala in the first week of December to help the less fortunate in that country.

“There’s so much that can be done here, but people love the idea of getting away, doing it with their favorite artist,” Tony explained. “So me and my buddy Michael Pearsall from Honor by August, we are the music portion of this trip. We do like nightly house concerts for the people traveling with us, and then by day we play for the kids at the school and the hospital.”

It amounts to a great group of people getting together for a good cause. If you want to join Tony in his charitable efforts, you can find out more about The M.I.L.E. and how you can get involved by visiting the website here.

So he’s touring, putting together new music – a full album is in the works (“I’m supposed to get back in December and January to do some more recording,” he told us), promoting his lead single at radio, making TV appearances, and taking time to make the world a better place. All that on top of being a devoted family man, friend, and generally awesome human being. As far as Voice alumni go, there’s no doubt that Tony Lucca is one of our best.

Don’t miss Tony Lucca on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly tonight (check your local listings for specific airtime). To get your tickets for his current tour, or for more information, make sure you visit his official website ( and follow him on Twitter (@luccadoes).

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