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The Voice - Season 5

It’s finally here, folks: I took your concerns about the Instant Save to our very own Carson Daly, and he was kind enough to answer those questions for me in my latest interview. Click here to read Carson’s comments on the Instant Save, as well as the opinions of some of Season 5’s artists on the new concept. Do Carson’s thoughts change your views on the Instant Save at all? Now that you’ve seen it in action, do you want to see it continue?

5 thoughts on “Interviews From Last Night: Carson Daly

  1. Very interesting. He’s basically saying that the results show is practically expendable, essentially 50 minutes of filler (team songs, guest songs, Voice Confessionals, other interesting side stories, like team field trips) with less than 10 minutes of actual content sprinkled here and there. There’s definitely some truth to it (although, I enjoy the filler). If they’re dead set to go with this Twitter thing, they should just be upfront about it, the same way they do the Top 20 eliminations. The general audience (aka “America”) gets to save 9 of the top 10 (or 7 of 8, next week, and so on), and then the final spot is selected by a separate Twitter-based vote, similar to how the coaches got to pick one artist without regard to how America voted. If they made a deal with Twitter to pick the bottom spot to advance, then that’s their prerogative as the producer of the show. It might be a fairly safe assumption that the bottom person advancing doesn’t have too much chance of actually winning, anyway. But the line about giving more power to America just rings a little hollow to me.

    1. I like that idea. It still doesn’t negate how the Instant Save excludes those who are not on the East Coast or on Twitter, but at least they’d be up front about the votes for the bottom 3 being wiped out.

      I’ve heard, though I haven’t really been noticing, that the response to the Instant Save in the press has been pretty negative, though. I don’t see NBC changing their minds right away (they seem really in love with this idea), but if fans really don’t like it, if they keep saying so I would expect TPTB to listen. I do give Carson and Co. a lot of credit for being very transparent about what they do and why they’ve chosen to do it, even when we don’t agree with them.

  2. Unhappily, it is true that the instant save is empowering – empowering to a distinct demographic of viewers who live in a specific geographic area and have the means to follow social media. That they’ve chosen to put more voting power into the hands of this group makes me feel dis-empowered. As does Carson implying, intentionally or not, that to qualify as an “avid fan,” you have to be into Twitter.

    What has always stood out for me about The Voice is that it seems to stand for solid values. Let’s hope they get their values straightened out before the season ends.

  3. Just ran across an interesting article. It’s mainly about Simon Cowell’s UK shows (“X Factor UK” and “Britain’s Got Talent”), but in it was a mention about a British import of a new Israeli TV show called “Rising Star.” To quote the article: “It has many of the hallmarks of The X Factor, with judges and knockout rounds, but the fate of the singers is decided by a real-time vote using an app and it is said to go head-to-head with rival BBC’s The Voice from January 2015.” Is this what “The Voice” (USA) is testing the waters on, in case “X Factor USA” gets cancelled, and Fox brings in a replacement show (like “Rising Star”)…?

  4. As a serious fan from day one, I find it disingenuous & insulting to say any “avid” – or “uber Voice” fan, as Carson said in another interview – would already be following The Voice on Twitter. I vote every single time. I seek out articles & videos & original music by artists. I continue to follow the careers of singers from every season. I have Twitter, but I pay little attention to it, because I don’t enjoy communication by tweet. As an “avid” fan, I’ve no interest in watching the results show via Twitter three hours before it airs here, & I’m far from alone.

    You shouldn’t have to be an “uber fan” to vote on something as significant as who’s eliminated each week. I’d expect that kind of thinking from Simon Cowell, not Carson Daly.

    He said in the same video, “The majority of the country is watching in live time really anyway.” Apparently those in the “minority” of the country that isn’t the East Coast are irrelevant. This is particularly ironic as both The Voice & Twitter are based in California.

    A large number of fans have said on The Voice’s Facebook page that they feel *disempowered* by this change. Many non-East Coast viewers didn’t know until the show aired in their time zone that the Instant Save had already happened. Clearly The Voice hasn’t done enough to notify fans, & the results weren’t representative of everyone who wanted to vote.

    Learning the results via Twitter took all the fun out of it. Watching the show later on TV was worse, particularly in the awkward last few minutes as the “Instant Save” played out. It felt mean-spirited to announce Jonny was in last place, rather than that Kat was safe. It all left a very bad taste in my mouth, enough so that The Voice may lose me as a viewer & voter if they continue this way.

    If they want to give power to fans, let us vote to bring back an eliminated top 20 contestant, but allow everyone to participate by running it at the same time as the Monday vote with entry through their website. If they want a Twitter vote, make it fun but less serious, like selecting team songs. The producers may want the Instant Save, but I don’t believe most fans do.

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