Interviews From Last Night: Kat Robichaud

The Voice - Season 5

Okay, folks, here’s a bonus: you’ve probably seen my post-elimination interview with Kat Robichaud on (if you haven’t, here’s the link). There’s quite a bit that was in the original article that didn’t make print, however, and it’s some real food for thought, so I wanted to publish it here for you to enjoy.

Here’s what you didn’t read:

What did Kat believe kept her landing in the bottom three?

“Who knows?” she said. “I can only be myself. A lot of people said ‘Kat cares more about being a star than she does [being] an artist,’ and that’s kind of true in a sense, but also not really because I’m not willing to do a song just to get more votes.

“I have to be myself, and I think it’s really important that I remain myself,” she continued. “I think there are a lot of people in the world right now that think that they have to be someone that they’re not to fit in, and I think it’s really important for them to know that they need to just continue to be themselves and love themselves for who they are.”

In essence, Kat just summed up the entire premise behind The Voice: for artists to be who they are, and not try to be something that they’re not. Really beautiful words, in this writer’s opinion.

On another note – if you’ve read the TODAY article – it’s prompted a firestorm of comments regarding Kat’s opinion that performance should matter on the show. A lot of people are saying negative things that she doesn’t deserve; as someone who’s gotten to know Kat, however briefly, I can say that she’s a lovely person and not at all the “sore loser” that she’s being made out to be.

And I personally think she has a point. The show may be called The Voice, and vocals will always be paramount, but I do think that artists should also do more than just stand there and sing. When I go to a live performance, I go for the experience; if I just wanted the music, I’d stay home and listen to the album.

But what do you think? Agree or disagree with Kat? I’m curious to know. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Interviews From Last Night: Kat Robichaud

  1. I agree with you and Kat. Performance matters. Kat was the only performer this season that I would pay money to go see perform and I know I would get my money’s worh.
    I have only heard Kat say very positive things about her experience on The Voice.

    1. Likewise. Kat is one of the sweetest people in the Top 12. That’s why it pains me to see people saying she’s a “sore loser” and this and that, because she’s really not. She was always gracious, even in defeat.

      I’ve always thought concerts should be an experience different from the album. If I just wanted what I could get on the album (ie the music), then it’s cheaper and oftentimes better quality to just stay home and listen to the CD. I’m going all the way to another state to see Maroon 5 for New Year’s, and it’s not just because they’re a talented band, but because they put on an amazing show that I’m willing to travel for. IMHO.

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