Carson Daly: ‘The Voice’ Master of Ceremonies

The Voice - Season 5

With all the attention we give to The Voice‘s coaches, it’s important not to overlook the person who keeps the show on course: host and producer Carson Daly.

Quite simply, the show wouldn’t be the same without Carson, who reminds us on a weekly basis that hosting is a whole lot more than reading off a TelePrompter into a microphone. It’s his job to keep the show on target and on time, no matter what. We’re not just talking when one of the coaches goes off on a tangent during their comments; this is the guy who steered the ship during triple-digit heat with no air conditioning.

And it’s Carson who essentially serves as the bridge between the audience and the competition. He has to make sure America understands everything that’s happening each week. He’s the one who explained that voting snafu that took place in Season 4. And while we’re still not sure about this Instant Save thing, when we had questions, it was Carson who took the time to explain the concept to us.

Frankly, we don’t think that Carson gets enough credit for how much he gives to The Voice. And that’s probably because most of what he does, you never see. In addition to his hosting duties, he serves as a producer on the show. He’s incredibly supportive of the artists and their families; sometimes, he’s almost as excited about someone’s blind audition as their loved ones are. He’s got a kind word for everyone, including those of us who aren’t part of the production. Come to a taping and watch him interact with everyone, and you’ll see that he really gives a damn.

Something else that sets him apart are his credentials. After the success of MTV’s Total Request Live, with more than a decade of Last Call With Carson Daly under his belt, plus his radio show and his new hosting gig on NBC’s Today, Carson doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. We know he’s an experienced host, as well as someone who knows and is genuinely passionate about music.

Just watch an episode of Last Call. Carson puts his money where his mouth is. He actively works to support new music, including artists he’s worked with on The Voice, like Tony Lucca and Angie Johnson, just to name two. Nobody asks him to continue his relationship with them after the show; that’s something he chooses to do. Will that continue with the artists from Season 5?

“Yes. I hope so,” he said during our interview on Tuesday. “For Last Call, I mean it’s a show that’s on in the middle of the night, but for the faithful few that watch it, one of the things we try and do is shine a light on new music. We love to do that kind of thing and The Voice has become a great additive to that where I can look at people like Kat Robichaud and Austin Jenckes, who went home tonight, and maybe those are people that I can help on Last Call.”

So he’s a lot more than just the host of The Voice. He’s a producer, too. He’s a support for the artists, their families, and even the fans. He’s the guy that stepped up and defended Season 1’s performers during a Television Critics Association panel when a reporter tried to say they weren’t successful. The artists are the focus, the coaches might be the stars, but it’s Carson Daly who serves as the rock of The Voice.

If you really want to know why we love Carson, just listen to what he had to say when we asked him if The Voice had raised his profile at all. “Who cares?” he told us. “I don’t do it for [that]. I have two kids and a woman that I love. I’m just trying to pay my mortgage and spend time with my kids. I don’t care about me at all. My job is to make this show run on time and I get paid to do a job and I do my job, and the less about me, the better.”

He might not want the extra attention, but we’re going to give it to him anyway, because he deserves the praise. Here’s to hoping Carson sticks with The Voice for a long time to come.

The Voice continues its fifth season tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC. You can also keep up with Carson Daly by following him on Twitter (@CarsonDaly).

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