Top 6’s ‘Die Hard’ Parody

This was my favorite part of Monday night’s show.

There were some great performances as well; I’ve posted my choice of highlights in my column at Fan TV. But mostly, James Wolpert makes a pretty badass action hero. And who doesn’t love Cole Vosbury’s guitar gun? Plus, shoutout to Carson Daly. This is one of The Voice‘s better viral videos.


2 thoughts on “Top 6’s ‘Die Hard’ Parody

  1. I couldn’t help but picture James as a giant M&M during the last song. At least he didn’t play the piano, or that really would have done it for me 🙂

    1. It’s funny you mention that because I know Billy West, who voices the Red M&M. LOL!

      Oh, I spoke to Xenia after last night’s show and she confirmed that she is no longer with Universal Republic. Interview coming.

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