Happy Finale Week!

Happy Season 5 finale week, The Voice fans! I’m not doing any special articles for today because there’s only so many “who’s going to win this” articles you can do, but I have compiled three posts detailing each of our finalists’ journey to the last round, for those of you who want to relive most of the ride.

You can find them at Fan TV:

I’ll be dishing out some quote-leftovers today and tomorrow at various media outlets, showing you bits and pieces of interviews from the live shows that you didn’t see earlier, so keep your eye on the Big Red Chairs Twitter account (@bigredchairs) to catch all the bonuses. And expect more tomorrow night, of course! There’s plenty of extra Voice to go around, folks.

3 thoughts on “Happy Finale Week!

  1. Best line I’ve seen so far: “They don’t call it ‘The Voice’ for nothin’.” Last night was about as epic as I’ve seen for a Voice Finale. Tessanne’s got 2 #1’s in a row to finish out. Great season.

    1. Agreed.

      So apparently, the consensus is that by telling Tessanne she felt like the winner, and not saying something like that to Will, Adam was giving up on Will? I was asked this morning if I had anything on that. Maybe it’s me, but I didn’t interpret it that way. Did you?

      1. Not so much that he was giving up, but I think Tessanne has flexed her musical muscle, these last two weeks, in a way the others aren’t able to. Adam did say that Will “won” by being in the final, which I agree, given that he was saved three times, and that he’s probably the least “in the moment” of all the artists, this season. (I sometimes wonder if his father’s career success puts any pressure on Will. Jacquie’s just having a good old time hanging with one of her favorite singers, with no real pressure.)

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