Artist Update: Kat Robichaud

Kat Robichaud

Kat Robichaud impressed us during Season 5 of The Voice with both her hard rocking on stage and her straight talk off of it. BFTV spoke to Kat on Monday about her Kickstarter campaign for a post-show album, and what she really wanted to say about her time on the show.

“The pacing of life is so different,” she said of transitioning out of reality TV. “When you’re on the show, you’re constantly busy. There’s constantly something to look forward to. Then you get eliminated, and you go home, and everything is going just as it should go. But it’s not as fast-paced as the show, so you feel like nothing’s happening, even though it is.”

For Kat, life after The Voice is working out well. “It’s been great,” she enthused. She’s gained a manager, gotten to perform with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer (one of her influences), and is finding herself very much in demand. “People are asking me to play benefit concerts, which is awesome. This past weekend I was involved with a benefit that raises money for children with learning disabilities,” she told us. “I’m recording the new album at an amazing state of the art studio in North Carolina and they asked me to come there.”

As for post-show celebrity, “I didn’t really want that to begin with,” she explained. “I do get recognized when I go out. It’s nice. But that’s not why I did the show. I wanted to network. I wanted to build a portfolio for myself outside of my band that had broken up.”

The album following The Voice is a hurdle that every alumnus ultimately has to clear; we’re all waiting and listening to see if a contestant’s original music will capture us the way their covers did on the show. In Kat’s case, she has a specific vision of what we’ll hear; it’s “very piano-driven rock and roll,” influenced by the likes of Palmer, David Bowie and Electric Light Orchestra. And like many others before her, she’s turned to Kickstarter to make it possible.

“The incentives are really cool,” she said. “One of the packages includes a print that I made of an illustration of the Tenth Doctor [from Doctor Who]; it’s his face and it’s completely made out of roses. There’s a lot of other really cool stuff you can do. I’ll write a song for you. There’s a package on there where I’ll actually come out and play a house party for you.

“Because it’s all fan-funded, I can offer things for a lot less money. You can get the digital download of the album for two dollars,” she continued. “Ten dollars gets you a deluxe digital download. Twenty dollars will get you a signed hard copy of the album. Every cent goes toward the album, and it goes toward making the album and getting things right back into your hands. We want to raise as much as we possibly can, because we want to make this album the best it can possibly be.”

While she’s working on her new record, Kat is still in touch with many of the friends she made from the show. “I just talked to Nic [Hawk]. Nic and I are staying close,” she said. “I talk to Caroline [Pennell] every now and then, Keaira LaShae, I actually just emailed Barry [Black] to see if he would want to get together on something for the Vegas show that I’m doing. Tessanne [Chin] has teased saying that she would invite everybody to Jamaica for a reunion. I text with Cee Lo [Green] every now and then.”

Which leads us to perhaps the biggest thing you don’t know about Kat Robichaud. Always one of her season’s most approachable artists, she’s been slightly misjudged since her departure, and she wants to set the record straight – she has nothing but good things to say about her time on The Voice.

“I’m so excited to move forward with my career, and I certainly don’t want to get typecast [as] ‘Kat from The Voice‘. I want to push past that and be known as Kat Robichaud, like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson,” she said. “But that’s not to say that I’m ever going to forget what The Voice did for me.

“Every single person that works on that show, they have very big hearts and they were very good to me. I never felt like a number when I was on the show. I always felt like I mattered, even when I was eliminated. They took care of me and they made me feel special,” she reflected. “I will always love and support that show and the people who are on it. I loved every second of it.” We loved having her, and we’re excited to hear what she does next.

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