Service Announcement

I’m sad to say that has chosen not to renew my contract as their The Voice red carpet reporter. My The Voice coverage will still be running at Starpulse (for recaps and post-show news) and Fan Voice (in-season interviews and highlights). While I’m disappointed that my services were no longer needed by TODAY, I’m excited for Season 6 and future seasons of The Voice in whatever form I get to cover them.

Which leads me to a little plea. Fan Voice wants to bring me on as their red carpet reporter, but they also need more views of my Voice stories to make that make financial sense. So please, if you’re so inclined, share the link to my Fan Voice page amongst your fellow Voice fans. The more eyeballs I can draw to my show stories there, the more stories Fan Voice will allow me to publish. So literally, your clicks and social media shares will determine how much Voice coverage we get for Season 6. Let’s knock it out of the park!