Episode Recap: Season 6 Blind Auditions, Part 2

The Voice

In the first night of Season 6 auditions on The Voice, Team Blake picked up 1 of 12 singers, Team Adam and Team Shakira landed 2 and Team Usher a leading 3. There are still plenty of spots to fill, though, so let’s get to it.

We start off with another returning artist, Delvin Choice, who comes armed with Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You.” That piece was pretty much killed by Jesse Campbell in Season 2, but Delvin nails it himself, earning three quick button pushes from Adam, Shakira and Blake. Usher waits until almost the last moment, but he’s finally persuaded, too. Delvin is understandably floored to go from a failed audition to a four-chair turnaround.

Blake: I’m blown away – and you’ve got to tell me how you fix your hair.

After Adam does a very, very bad Spanish accent worthy of a horrible telenovela, the battle is on, complete with a couple of well-meaning jabs at each other.

Adam: Blake’s never known any song that anyone sings on the show.

Adam wins another four-chair turn when Delvin selects him as his coach, and speculates that it would be cool if a second chance artist won. We’d have to agree with him there.

Next, we visit Utah to meet 16-year-old Madilyn Paige, who first starts talking about her passion for filmmaking before we get to her singing history. That seems a strange way to introduce her, but we digress. She’s bringing us “Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia, in a much slower arrangement that gives the track a different feel. It’s still not quite like Lindsey Pavao’s arrangement of said song. But it’s enough to attract Usher and Shakira, especially after Madilyn hits a crazy note.

Adam’s so excited for the resulting argument that he runs over to Blake’s chair so he can hear it better. In the end, it’s Usher who scores the victory.

Here comes Noah Lis, who is looking sharp and absolutely scores with his rendition of “Me and Mrs. Jones” in our opinion. He sort of reminds us of a less powerful, more jazz-oriented Chris Mann, and not just because he’s wearing a suit. Blake is singing along with Noah almost from the jump. Shakira looks like she’s interested, then cringes and pulls her hand back from her button. Just as we think it’s too late for Noah, both Adam and Blake swoop in with last-second saves. Thank heaven for that.

Blake: Do you know anybody else in the entertainment industry that gives less of a crap than me?

Adam’s pitch is targeting a few things that he can help Noah with, but Noah thinks Blake is “the perfect fit” instead and signs on with him. We’re not entirely sure how a country artist is a perfect fit for a crooner – at least Adam covered Frank Sinatra once – but hey. It could be one of those combinations that doesn’t make sense on paper and ends up working. Noah is one of our early favorites, contingent on the all-important factor: song choice.

Keith Shuskie describes himself as a rock-and-roll singer, but resembles a carnival strongman. If Cee Lo were here, he would approve immensely of this amusing contrast. But he’s not, and Keith’s version of “Somewhere Only We Know” is a pleasant surprise, with bonus points for his enunciation. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to garner any interest from the coaches. Usher wants to see him back in Season 7, and Shakira wants him to keep the mustache.

Next is 16-year-old Deja Hall, who says most of her previous experience has been in local talent shows, but she still thinks she’s ready for The Voice. And guess what? She’s right. Her version of “True Colors” gets Blake’s attention, and Shakira’s so excited she misses her button on her first attempt at hitting it. Usher is a last-second addition, much to Blake’s disappointment. Our country star then utters this phrase:

Blake: I want to adopt you.

What? Anyway, Deja punches her ticket to Team Shakira.

Our last audition of the night is possibly one of the most memorable in show history, because of the coach antics that follow it. The young lady who turns them into huge dorks is Cary Laine, a country singer originally from Alabama and now living in a very small town in Wyoming. Cary’s take on “Better Dig Two” spins Adam pretty quickly, then Blake, then Shakira. Usher almost looks like he’s trying to sneak a peek, but he finally makes it a unanimous decision. Congratulations, Cary!

The arguing starts early and gets hilarious when Adam gets up and offers Cary the opportunity to sit in his big red chair. The women of the world immediately get envious as he takes a seat on the stage to chat with her. Usher thinks this won’t do and gets Cary to try his chair, while Shakira tries to block her from making eye contact with him. When Cary tells them she’s a country artist, Usher pretty much throws in the towel and stands back with a smirking Adam while Blake works that Shelton mojo. Shockingly, Team Adam secures Cary. Adam’s getting good at swiping country artists from Blake…

Team Adam now has 4 artists, Team Blake has 2, Team Shakira has 3 and Team Usher has 4. That means Usher and Adam have filled  a quarter of their teams after just the first week of auditions. Will that strategy come back to bite them later on?

Blind auditions continue next Monday at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC. Which past Voice contestant do you think deserves a second chance? Weigh in on our Fan TV list of artists who should come back to the stage.

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