Episode Recap: Season 6 Blind Auditions, Part 4

The Voice

As we finish the second week of Season 6 auditions on The Voice, the teams are filling up. Defending champion Adam and Usher each have only 5 spots left, while Shakira is half-complete with 6 open spaces, and Blake is bringing up the rear, looking for 8 more artists. Who will the coaches discover tonight?

Maybe it’ll be Megan Ruger, who looks like the distant cousin of Season 3’s Michaela Paige. Megan performs “Just Like A Pill” by Pink, which gives her big shoes to fill, because the last person to audition with a Pink song was Season 5 champ Tessanne Chin.  (It’s worth noting that NBC censors have cleared Megan to sing the word “bitch” in the lyrics, so apparently you can say that on The Voice if it’s not repeatedly in the chorus of your song.) Blake and Usher spin for Megan at almost the last-minute, and when Blake finds out that Megan is from Nashville, this happens.

Blake: Hey, that’s one of your favorite states, isn’t that, Usher?

Yeah, sorry, Usher, you’re never going to live that down. Megan joins Team Blake, and since Adam just mentioned that Blake loves Wang Chung, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” starts playing. Note to VH1: if you ever revisit I Love The 80’s again, be sure to call Blake Shelton.

Moving on, here comes Morgan Wallen, also from the lovely state of Tennessee. Morgan’s song of choice is Howie Day’s “Collide,” possibly because they don’t sound too different from each other. Shakira turns around from the go, while the other coaches need to think on it. It almost seems like they’re going to let her have him uncontested, until Usher decides to spoil that idea. He and Shakira start having a lovefest between themselves; Adam feels left out and goes to sit on Blake’s lap, where he struggles not to laugh at Usher’s awkward pitch. Morgan still picks Usher as his coach, though.

James Cavern is next to audition, with Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” which many people have covered and not many of them have covered well. Case in point, James strikes out with our coaches, with Adam and Usher both making reference to his song choice.

He’s followed by another winners’ montage: Dani Moz joins Team Shakira, along with an artist called Music Box (which we’re going to guess is not the name on her birth certificate), while Blake picks up Lexi Luca, who is not related to Tony Lucca or Lex Land. Hopefully, we’ll see these three artists for more than a few seconds in the battle rounds.

Our next artist has sung on Cee Lo Green’s Christmas album, which as Voice fans know also featured several Team Cee Lo alumni, so she’s got a tangential connection to the show before she even steps on the stage. Emily B’s take on Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” attracts Shakira, Blake and Usher in that order, and she picks Shakira as her coach. We can’t understand why Blake’s “I have a soul” argument wasn’t persuasive.

Just like last night, the editors made a big deal of Blake not landing anyone until Sisaundra Lewis showed up, tonight they’re making Adam out to be lonely. After the camera lingers on our defending champion, here’s an Usher song performed by a guy who prefers to be called Stevie Jo; Usher doesn’t seem to have much of a reaction to hearing his own music at first, but is eventually pleased enough to push his button. Stevie defaults to Team Usher, while everyone is shocked that he’s white.

Adam: I was pretty sure that you weren’t a white guy – and you’re a white guy.

More failed auditions follow, with more pointing out how Adam has yet to gain an artist, so you can sort of guess what tonight’s final audition is leading up to. And if you can’t guess, NBC spoils it for you in the bumper for the final commercial break. Seriously, this show is starting to telegraph its punches.

Audra McLoughlin’s “Angel From Montgomery” not only attracts Mr. Levine, but also everyone else on the panel. And believe it or not, defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory when Audra chooses Team Blake, thanks in part to another Miranda Lambert reference.

Blake: You’re damn right I’m going to play the wife card, and shut up.

Has anyone counted the number of times Blake has mentioned Miranda? Because we should, especially since she’ll be joining us again this season. Meanwhile, we end with Adam fake crying, and declaring Team Blake “the bane of my existence.” Think NBC would let these two have their own sitcom?

Team Adam now has 7 members, Team Blake has 6, Team Shakira has 9 and Team Usher has 9. Blind auditions continue Monday at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC. For more on The Voice, you can also read our interviews with Team Blake’s Noah Lis, and Team Usher’s Bria Kelly.

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