Episode Recap: Season 6 Blind Auditions, Part 6

The Voice

There are only four spots left on The Voice, and just one night left in which to fill them. Thankfully, since this is only an hour-long episode, there shouldn’t be much time for filler. Let’s see who gets the distinction of being the last person added to each of the coaches’ teams.

New Yorker Joe Trombino bats leadoff here, but his version of Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” doesn’t initially impress our coaches. “He’s too behind the beat,” says Adam, and indeed Joe seems a little too caught up in his dance moves than the vocal performance, a fatal flaw for many Voice hopefuls. He goes home empty-handed. Meanwhile, Adam works on his Mr. Burns from The Simpsons tenting fingers thing.

Second up is Kaleigh Glanton, who performs in a duo with her father. But she’s on her own for her take on “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” which attracts Adam and, much later, Shakira, Blake and Usher. Blake continues his habit of yelling at Usher every time Usher decides to get involved. Kaleigh agrees with Adam on his criticism of her performance skills, but inexplicably chooses Blake as her coach. That means Team Blake is complete, and the remaining artists can only turn up to three chairs.

Brittnee Camelle is risking a college scholarship on her performance of Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper,” and the gamble pays off, as Usher decides he wants her on his team. At literally the last second, Shakira decides to challenge him, so late that it almost looks like an accident. But it does give us this hilarious dialogue:

Usher: We’ve all done this before.
Shakira: As a female artist.
Usher: Oh. No.
Adam: It’s never too late.

After Adam and Blake endorse Shakira, and Usher creates a new word (hey, he’s already created a new state), Brittnee decides she belongs with Team Usher. Even Usher is surprised that Shakira didn’t win her over.

Beau Thomas now only has two coaches to impress, with his take on “You Are The Best Thing.” Unfortunately, it’s not the best thing for either Adam or Shakira, and he doesn’t make the cut. The panel appreciates his attitude, though. “He’s excited to lose, almost,” Usher comments.

Lindsay Bruce is a country artist, but the country coach is out of the running, so she’s already up against it. Her reel focuses on the loss of her uncle in the September 11 terrorist attacks, and it’s a bit jarring to see footage from that day included here. Once she gets on the stage, Lindsay’s version of “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” draws Adam in. Shakira decides she wants to battle him a few moments later. Even though he’s not in the running, Blake still has quips at the ready.

Adam: Some of the best singers in the world are country singers.
Blake: Well, thank you.
Adam: Present company excluded, of course.

Everyone pretty much rallies against Adam, with Shakira pulling the Miranda Lambert card (seriously, she may be the most name-dropped celebrity on this show), so it’s no surprise that Team Shakira wins this round.

This means all eyes are on the defending champion, and with just a few minutes left in the hour, we know it’s not going to be long until Adam picks his final artist. We skip over a few unlucky souls, before we land on Caleb Elder, who could be his own band if he wanted to. He also happens to be a fan of Adam’s, so this is going to work out perfectly for him. Indeed, his version of “Groove Me” takes Adam by surprise, and we can’t blame Caleb for stumbling over the next couple of words after he realizes the chair’s turned around. He’s the last artist in Team Adam, and the last artist in Season 6.

The Voice now takes its Top 48 artists into battle beginning Monday at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC. In other Voice-related news, you can also pre-order the new EP from Season 2 finalist Tony Lucca, which will be released later this month.

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