Episode Recap: Season 6 Battle Rounds, Part 2

The Voice - Season 4

We’re now halfway through The Voice‘s battle rounds, and there were six more head-to-head matchups that went down on Tuesday night. Which also happened to be coach Adam Levine’s birthday. And the day that two Team Adam alumni released new music. Here’s who won, who lost, and who got one of the five second chances remaining in the competition.

1. Team Shakira: Clarissa Serna (4 chairs in blind auditions) vs. Jeremy Briggs (2 chairs), “Cold As Ice”

The two rockers on Shakira’s team are paired together on a Foreigner song. Shakira compliments Jeremy’s range, while advisor Miranda Lambert likes Clarissa’s grit, but also thinks that she was “holding back” in first rehearsal. They’ve both got to work on holding out notes and finding their chemistry. “When you don’t make it a performance together, you end up both looking bad,” Miranda tells us. In the ring, these two seem to have taken those notes, coming together to make an entertaining classic rock duo.

Adam says “the end of it was the best part” and chooses Clarissa as the battle’s winner. Blake points out both artists were singing in the same key, and also votes for Clarissa. Usher thinks the song selection was a challenge, and says both artists complemented the record, but sides with Jeremy. Coach Shakira wishes things had been “a little less dramatic,” but is ultimately happy with the finished product. Again using the “I can do a lot more moving forward [with this artist]” argument that she invoked on Monday night, she selects Clarissa.

Winner: Clarissa Serna

2. Team Adam: Delvin Choice (4 chairs) vs. Caleb Elder (1 chair), “The Man”

As if battling isn’t stressful enough, try having to rehearse an Aloe Blacc song in front of Aloe Blacc. That’s what happens to returning artist and four-chair winner Delvin Choice and the final member of Adam’s team, Caleb Elder. Adam wisely decides to let Aloe coach his singers on the performance of his song. Aloe not only explains the song’s origin and meaning, but he gives specific tips to each artist and also performs part of the song to help them out. Awesome advisor? We think yes. But the second rehearsal falls apart, leading Adam to point-blank say, “That wasn’t good.” He then makes Delvin and Caleb speak the lyrics as if they were rappers in order to find the rhythm.

This is a fun song to begin with, so that certainly helps, but the love these two guys have for each other comes through in a performance that energizes the crowd. Blake says that obviously the pair were having fun, but says that Caleb had “a lot more problems” and takes Delvin. Usher sees what Adam must have seen in Caleb, and says “it’s truly a blessing to have a coach like Adam, because he’s going to push you.” Shakira calls the performance “fun” and “an amazing time on stage,” and picks Delvin. Adam takes a moment to note that Shakira, for whom English is a second language, speaks it better than Blake – before choosing to keep Delvin. It’s a shame nobody steals Caleb, because he could probably have continued to grow with more coaching.

Winner: Delvin Choice

Not Aired: 3. Team Blake: Megan Ruger (2 chairs) vs. Ria Eaton (2 chairs), “My Happy Ending”; 4. Team Shakira: Ddendyl (1 chair) vs. Lindsay Pagano (1 chair), “I Feel The Earth Move”; 5. Team Usher: Morgan Wallen (2 chairs) vs. Brothers Walker (1 chair), “Hey Brother”

NBC continues its tradition of montaging battle rounds in Season 6, with three matchups that didn’t make air on Tuesday night. Sadly, they’re not available on YouTube either. We can tell you that Megan, Ddendyl and Morgan were the winners of these pairings, and no losing artist was stolen in any of them. Hey, that Morgan-Brothers Walker combination looked like fun.

6. Team Usher: Brittnee Camelle (2 chairs) vs. Melissa Jimenez (2 chairs), “Give It To Me Right”

Usher paired these two young ladies together so that they’d challenge each other, and he’s looking to see “the aggressor” in each of them. He thinks they’re holding back initially, and advisor Jill Scott believes that Brittnee is creating “a wall” between herself and her audience with her persona. Can the two singers avoid stepping all over each other? They’re certainly trying. Brittnee continues to get the majority of the notes from Usher and Jill, and Melissa thinks “I can do better” than her final rehearsal attempt, so there’s room for improvement on both sides.

The commercial bumper once again spoils that this battle ends in a steal, so it’s really just who’s changing teams and who’s staying with Usher. Both these ladies know how to strut, slink and sing their way across the stage, making this battle really one of personal preference.

Shakira is impressed by the battle, which Adam thinks may have given Blake a heart attack. “The only thing you didn’t do is punch each other in the face with boxing gloves,” he quips, before he sides with Brittnee. Blake, having taken a moment to recover, tells Usher that the pairing makes a lot of sense before voting for Melissa. So it’s down to Usher, who decides to keep Melissa on his team. Almost instantly, both Shakira and Adam make a play for Brittnee, who ultimately joins Team Adam. Adam is now out of steals in this part of the competition, and is the first coach to exhaust both steals.

Winner: Melissa Jimenez and Steal: Brittnee Camelle to Team Adam (0 steals remaining for Adam)

The Voice continues its battle rounds Monday night at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC. In other related news, Season 2 finalist Tony Lucca released a new EP; you can read about Drawing Board here. And Season 5 finalist Will Champlin released his new single, “Last Man Standing,” on iTunes. Give those new tunes a listen while you’re waiting for more of Season 6.

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