An Announcement About The Future Of Big Red Chairs

Dear Readers:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will no longer be covering The Voice on a weekly basis, and as such this site, its Twitter and Facebook will no longer be regularly updated.

I will continue to be involved with the show as much as possible, and update the site and its accounts when there is news to share, but I’ve decided to refocus my attention from the show itself to helping artists with their careers after The Voice.

Five years and eleven seasons ago The Voice was the best thing that could have happened to me. I made so many friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I launched my career. And of course, I met the man who remains my hero and my biggest inspiration, Adam Levine. I’m always going to be grateful for everything the show has given and continues to give me.

But as the show has evolved things have changed. You’ve probably noticed that this site hasn’t been updated regularly since Season 8 and that’s because there really isn’t a need for me during the season anymore. Instead, I’ve spent the last year reconnecting with some of my favorite artists from past seasons, as well as moving on to other projects that deserve more of my time.

The reason why I started Big Red Chairs, and the reason why I do anything in my career, is to make a difference. And the biggest difference I can make now is helping artists after The Voice as well as working with a number of other great people elsewhere. I have some big things coming up in 2017 and if you follow me on Twitter or on my website, I hope you’ll consider checking them out.

While I won’t be covering The Voice as much anymore I’ll still be out there and still be a part of this fandom. As I type this I’m planning to join Maroon 5 in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. Some things never change, even as this site does.

Cheers and happy holidays,